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Opinion: Now we know why the Galacticos were a failure

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After Roberto Carlos’ statements about the Real Madrid Galacticos, now we know the true reason behind their failure.

The Real Madrid Galacticos were a project that was doomed to fail from the beginning, the recent expose from Roberto Carlos tells us why they were a failure.

This was a dressing room that was filled with giant egos and was spiraling out of control, there was a combination of a drinking culture in football and incompetent managers.

Managers such as Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola would’ve had serious problems with that squad, they would’ve opposed so much impunity inside the club.

These are supposed to be professional footballers, they do this for a living and they have no excuses to show this level of indiscipline.

However, the lack of prominent social media played in their favor during that era.

The old days were easier to conceal from the public eye, players back then had it easy but they also showed their failure inside the pitch.

Florentino Perez and the Real Madrid associates lost hundreds of millions of euros with that squad, they never won a single Champions League when the Galacticos were together.

The key man in this tale was Vicente del Bosque, who was regarded as an indulgent coach by the chairman for allowing this behavior.

But the only way results came for these players, was only if they were granted all these luxuries.

The life of an athlete is a lot more complex than the media portrays it, footballers are also human and they also deserve to enjoy their lives.

If that system they had with Del Bosque was the one that helped them win the UEFA Champions League in 2002, Florentino should’ve stayed away from changing anything.

But pressure from the board and his urgency to discipline the players, was the reason he suffered so many years without winning a single European trophy.

Only experienced managers such as Del Bosque or Luis Aragones would’ve been competent enough to get the best out of that group of players.

The Galacticos could’ve won trophies if they felt more comfortable outside of the pitch, but things didn’t work out how the club envisioned them.

Roberto Carlos’ account of what happened is a refreshing look at what still goes on in football clubs today, but things are different in many aspects.

Players can’t get away with things as they used to, they are always being watched by the public like zoo animals.

Those final days of the Galacticos were the last examples of the rampant years for footballers, they can no longer have a private life even if they wanted.

There is a very specific aspect of modern life that affects footballers’ privacy these days, one that came here to stay forever.

The role of Social Media in the football world.

By the time 2008 came, it was evident that the new technologies were bound to change humanity’s lives forever.

This drastic evolution in the way we communicate would also affect athletes from any sport, especially the most famous ones.

Having an active social media life has become an essential part of every famous person, it is even a source of revenue for most of them.

This new asset to their economy came with certain downsides, the little private life they had left was suddenly gone.

Episodes like the ones the Galacticos lives with football managers wouldn’t fly today, there are many examples of it in recent years.

Jose Mourinho is the one that comes to mind, he went through a very unpleasant experience at Manchester United.

The players wanted more freedom and the new technologies got in the way of that, Jose had eyes everywhere.

Today’s football urgently requires to draw a line between what is permitted and what isn’t, there needs to be a catalyst that can benefit both the players and the institutions they represent.

We can’t help but think that the Galacticos would’ve performed a lot better if Social Media was prominent during that era.

Drinking culture would’ve disappeared a lot sooner, and Florentino Perez wouldn’t feel like he lost so much money during those years.

Do you think Social Media would’ve made a difference in the Galacticos’ level of performance? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.