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Opinion: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s real job at Man United

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Let’s talk about the more realistic targets that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has at Man United for his first full season as the club’s manager.

Now that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has officially landed the permanent job as the full-time Man United manager, some analysts seem to have a mistaken idea of what the real target for the Red Devils is.

The English club has decayed in roster quality in a dramatic manner for the last six years, they have obtained a little success with the FA Cup and Europa League trophies they won without Sir Alex Ferguson but this Manchester United is far from the competitive squads that the Scottish manager put together when he was in control of the institution as a whole.

The very first step that the club needed to take was to appoint a competent coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appears to be the ideal man to take the club forward but there is no way that he will do everything Sir Alex managed on his own.

Even the Norwegian gaffer knows that the club needs to take everything step by step in order to reach the same level of performance they had under Ferguson, we are talking about a man that had the club’s patience and established a dynamic that took him literally decades to build.

There are few observing minds that truly understand that the real task ahead of Solskjaer will take a few years to fully develop, title talk at such an early stage of Ole’s journey as the manager is premature.

One of the analysts who completely gets the gist of what the coach is trying to accomplish is Gary Neville, he knows what the real target for Manchester United should be next season.

“I don’t agree with the feeling that the hard work starts now for Solskjaer,” wrote Gary on a column for Sky Sports.

“The hard work was to get the job in the first place, but what I would say is the real body of work starts now, because he’s got to deal with the recruitment side of things.”

“United have struggled in that department in the past couple of years. That gap in knowledge between manager and boardroom, in terms of the recruitment side of things, needs filling.”

“I’ve said before they need the best-in-class recruitment and technical support in behind the manager, or else it will continue to fail.”

“Over the last six or seven years, United have put £700m into that squad, and they’re still falling well short of where Liverpool and Manchester City are at the moment – they’re 16-18 points behind.”

“So what you have to look at is how United bridge that gap, and yes they will do that through the spirit that Solskjaer has created, but they have to get better players on the pitch that can compete with Liverpool and City to go along with some of the very good players they’ve already got.”

Neville’s words make even more sense when one stands back to analyze what the Red Devils have been in all competitions since Ferguson left, they have struggled to get back into the Champions League positions they were very familiar with in the previous decades.

If the club starts to get desperate because Solskajer isn’t winning trophies, then the board of directors is the one that needs modifications because they completely miss the whole point of how Manchester United should start their revolution.

As long as they remain competitive as they have been under Ole next season, not winning trophies soon won’t be a problem because even the fans will notice that the effort is there and the results will inevitably come their way sooner or later.

It is obvious that transfer modifications need to be the first order of business for the club as a whole, they can now focus in this area because there are no more external distractions as there were with the last three managers that the club hired.

Solskjaer is completely married with Ferguson’s philosophy, this gives the club the stability it needed and they can finally begin this new development into the real post-Alex Ferguson era.

How long will it take Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to reach the same level of Liverpool and Manchester City? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.