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Opinion: Only Liverpool can prevent Liverpool from glory

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After another important victory on Saturday, we need to discuss why Liverpool are the only ones who can boycott their way to glory. 

After Liverpool’s most recent victory against Watford in the Premier League, they maintained their 10-point advantage from Leicester City.

It’s funny how at the start of the season we all believed this would be a two-horse race.

After looking at what Manchester City has done over the last two years. We all thought they would naturally fight for the trophy this year as well.

But we were all mistaken, the Citizens are not even considered contenders anymore.

As of right now, Pep Guardiola’s squad is as far from Liverpool as they are from the relegation zone (15 points).

This is something that absolutely nobody was expecting, but it is mostly the Reds’ responsibility.

Although Manchester City made sure that we are not even thinking about them as title contenders, Jurgen Klopp managed to change his players’ mentality.

Before he came to the club, we had a frightened squad that feared its ghosts from the past.

This is an institution that has never won the Premier League since the new format began back in the early ’90s.

The German manager just signed a new contract extension that will keep him at the club until 2024.

His numbers are mainly the reason the board decided to allow him to stay. 

Liverpool’s numbers under Jurgen Klopp.

Although he has only won one title since he arrived, the numbers don’t lie when you analyze Jurgen Klopp’s results.

After this latest victory against Watford, the Reds have played a total of 234 games under their manager.

This resulted in 139 wins, 57 draws, and only 38 defeats. These are wild numbers that are only within the reach of a select group of individuals.

But the most staggering stat comes when you look at the history of this club.

Since the English First Division started 131 years ago, there hadn’t been a club with a record as dominant as Liverpool’s.

This is the first club in English football history that gets 25 wins and one draw in 26 consecutive games.

Not even the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ were able to accomplish that during their incredible unbeaten run.

This team is already starting to look like a serious contender to reach that mythical record that Arsene Wenger’s players completed.

But the Reds are looking even more dominant that those Gunners from the early ‘2000s.

Leicester City’s draw on Saturday placed Klopp’s squad 10 points ahead of their closest competitor.

This advantage looks quite impossible to reach by now. 

Liverpool is only playing against its own demons. 

We’ve never seen the Premier League era’s Liverpool in a situation as incredible as this one.

Every time they get a chance to fight for the title, there is another contender trying to steal it from them.

At this point, only a true Roman tragedy could keep them from winning the title.

The only enemy that Liverpool has in order to win the title, is the Reds themselves.

But we are confident that Jurgen Klopp won’t allow his players to falter throughout the whole season.

This is the golden opportunity they were looking for and it’s staring them right in the eyes.

This won’t end up like the time Steven Gerrard slipped against Chelsea back in 2013.

Or like the time Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals at Manchester United beat Fernando Torres’ incredible first season in English football.

This Liverpool side is no longer afraid of success, they proved it after winning the UEFA Champions League last season.

We could be looking at a historic beginning of a football dynasty that could extend for many years if Jurgen Klopp plays his cards right.

This Premier League title is only Liverpool’s to lose. They are the only ones who can boycott their title chances this season. 

Do you think this might be the year in which Liverpool can finally win the Premier League? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.