Opinion: Patrice Evra is part of Manchester United’s issue

After hearing what Patrice Evra had to say about Manchester United’s current situation, we can see how he is part of the club’s problem.

Manchester United is currently in a downward spiral that is proving very difficult to avoid, Patrice Evra’s comments are not helping the situation.

The French former United player just spoke to Gary Neville in an extended interview about everything related to Manchester United, we already covered his defense of Paul Pogba.

Evra is well-known for being a very good friend of the midfielder and his defense was also directed towards agent Mino Raiola.

The former player confessed that this infamous man controls what Paul Pogba does or the decisions he makes in regards to his future.

For a long time we’ve spoken about the way that Mino Raiola operates, he will always go where the clubs offer the biggest amount of money.

The players do get a massive paycheck but they can’t forget that Mino also thinks about himself before anybody else.

Raiola won’t go to a club where his player gets a lot of money and he doesn’t get a good deal for him as well after the negotiation is complete.

Agents like him are the ones that the biggest clubs are always trying to avoid.

They fail to understand it when a player is after glory or leaving his mark in football history instead of only making millions of euros.

Evra’s biggest revelation about Mino Raiola.

Patrice was quite clear when he described Mino Raiola’s personality, he did it during the interview with Gary Neville on Sky Sports.

“Agents have power over every player. I know Paul is not 18 but it is not easy.”

“When we won the Champions League, I was at the end of my contract and Real Madrid came with a big opportunity and more money – I was thinking about leaving.”

“I spoke with the manager and he said we will renew your contract. He said at the time, ‘we will give you the same money as Gary Neville!’ I said ‘boss, I have respect for Gaz, he is our captain, but I am Patrice Evra’.”

“You have to make an effort. In the end, I signed a new deal. I spoke with the manager and he said we will renew your contract.”

“My agent was really honest with me. He told me about the challenge but knew that my DNA was Manchester United.”

“That’s why I was lucky enough to have a good agent, not every player gets that lucky. And I have a good relationship with Mino, it’s not that I don’t like him.”

“What I like about him is how straight and honest he is with the players. Regardless of what club is after Pogba, Raiola will say that he will go where Paul will get more money.”

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“But he is straight, he will say that in front of the player without a problem.”

Evra becomes part of the problem here.

The reason we say that Evra is part of the problem is that he mentioned that he constantly advises Paul Pogba about the best way to act.

He keeps telling him what is allegedly best for his career and yet he still condones Mino Raiola’s involvement in Pogba’s decisions.

The choice to play for one club or the other should always remain with the player regardless of how much money he gets for the transfer.

We are living in an era where players like Paul Pogba or Neymar are more concerned about things that are not as important as becoming a true football legend.

Players who understand what it means to be a symbol of a club are not worried about how much money they are going to get for a contract.

With the exception of Messi and Ronaldo, the rest of the players need to understand that they are not above any club’s history.

Patrice Evra should understand this as well and tell his friend Paul, that he is making a huge mistake by listening to his money-hungry agent when it comes to his future.

If Pogba doesn’t want the Manchester United fans to come after him for his decisions, perhaps he should look at a mirror and see what mistakes he is doing in order to piss them off.

Why do you think agents have so much power over their players in these modern times? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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