Opinion: Paul Pogba can finally shine at Manchester United

We give you the reasons why we believe that Paul Pogba will finally shine as one of Manchester United’s biggest stars, his best form is back.

As Manchester United is going through a well-deserved holiday break, the Red Devils have the fantastic news of Paul Pogba being completely back to his best form and has every single United fan very hopeful for what’s coming in the future.

The same Paul that we had playing fantastic football for France, is now proving what he is capable of for Manchester United.

The all-terrain midfielder who scored many amazing goals at Juventus was nowhere to be seen under Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese manager was determined to stop his development and to not let him shine as people were expecting because he simply saw a different role for him inside his tactics for the squad.

With the Old Lady, Paul Pogba played a more liberated role in midfield that gave him the freedom to run all over the pitch with the certainty that he had the necessary stamina to cover the most space possible without leaving his defensive responsibilities behind.

But Jose Mourinho had other plans for him, as he envisioned Pogba in an overly defensive role that the player hated during his time under the Portuguese manager.

At first, the position he played worked frankly well under the Portuguese manager when the Red Devils won two important trophies.

At the FA Cup, Pogba didn’t play as many minutes as he wanted throughout the competition.

However, the Europa League did give us a small glimpse at the player who delivered those great performances at Juventus a few years back.

We can’t get enough of several incredible goals that the Frenchman scored from outside the box whilst playing for the Italian giants, he was the main reason the squad reached that 2015 Champions League final against FC Barcelona but the final result wasn’t what he expected.

There are several proofs that Paul Pogba was the best shooter in Europe with several beauties scored in both Serie A and the Champions League.

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It was only natural that the Manchester United fans would savor the moment in which Pogba finally came back to the Red Devils, but that same player who was promised only showed up in his full glory quite recently when Jose Mourinho finally left to give him the freedom he wanted.

Nobody denies that this midfielder will become the best in England, the whole stage is set for him to accomplish such a massive feat.

It took Paul only a couple of matches to remind everyone that he really is the big deal for Manchester United, he has scored fantastic goals and assisted his teammates to put the ball in the back of the net as well.

There is absolutely nobody who denies that Paul Pogba will do great things at Manchester United, he’s even changed the minds of some of his greatest critics such as Rio Ferdinand or Gary Neville.

But Pogba still needs to convince another Paul who is a Manchester United midfield Legend, we are obviously talking about ‘Scholesy’.

As arguably the best midfielder in the Red Devils’ history, Scholes is still on the fence about Paul Pogba’s real awakening but he is eager to see the Frenchman in action against one of the Top 6 squads.

Funny enough, the former United player will get his wish sooner than expected as the Premier League resumes next weekend with an insanely complicated challenge for Paul Pogba and Manchester United.

The Red Devils are traveling to London where they will face Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley Stadium, this should be more than enough proof that Paul Pogba is truly back to his best form.

Do you think Paul Pogba has what it takes to become the best player in English football? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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