Opinion: Paul Pogba is to blame for abuse from United fans

After a ghastly season at Manchester United, Paul Pogba is the one to blame for getting verbally abused by Manchester United fans last weekend.

It’s not that we are condoning the verbal abuse that Paul Pogba suffered from Manchester United fans last weekend, we just think he had it coming.

What the Manchester United fans told Paul Pogba after the club’s last match of the season might have been a little out of line.

However, the fans didn’t insult his family or didn’t make it personal against him.

All the fans did was to express their anger towards a player whom they think betrayed the institution.

We have to applaud Paul Pogba’s reaction to the abuse, the player was always respectful and he never got involved in an argument with the people who were screaming at him.

But Paul needs to understand where those fans are coming from, they really feel like the midfielder has been playing with their feelings over the last year or so.

Even though Paul was arguably the most prolific player of the season in regards to stats, the fans didn’t vote for him on the domestic awards within the club.

Pogba has been toying with his future for months and he isn’t even acting low-key about it, most of the fans obviously want Paul Pogba out of the squad and the player should respond to this criticism ASAP.

How things progressed since Paul Pogba arrived.

What fans are mostly angry about with Paul can be summarized from the moment he left Manchester United as a teenager.

Sir Alex Ferguson refused to be bullied into getting the young player a contract he didn’t deserve yet, this pressure obviously came from his agent.

The infamous Mino Raiola has Paul Pogba as one of his most trained clients, they both think similarly when it comes to winning their wage.

This is something that Ferguson obviously disliked because Paul Pogba proved he was a player who is more interested in money than he is in glory.

The Frenchman never returned to the club while Sir Alex Ferguson was still the manager, but this changed when the Scotsman left.

The board of directors made the terrible mistake of bringing Paul Pogba back from Juventus as the most expensive player in the world at the time.

This was a clear message from the player and Raiola to Sir Alex, which was taken as a revenge move from the fans but they still gave him the benefit of the doubt.

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Many of those fans who love the club wanted to give Pogba a chance, he was one of the best midfielders in the world after all.

Mourinho’s arrival was Pogba’s ultimate downfall.

Manchester United thought that bringing two of the biggest egos in the world of football together was a great idea.

Pogba arrived at the same time that Jose Mourinho did and things appeared to work perfectly at first.

However, the Portuguese manager is used to looking through people’s bullshit and he quickly realized what Pogba was all about.

After a first season that gave Manchester United a certain level of success, the Portuguese manager started having problems with Paul.

The fans got on his side at first because that’s what always happens and Pogba seemed to respond well to this loyalty.

The problems came when the player realized that Zinedine Zidane was back as the Real Madrid manager.

Pogba is only looking on his best interest at heart and he clearly doesn’t care about Manchester United.

He keeps saying that he is an academy product who remains faithful to the institution, but his actions speak very differently.

That’s the main reason why the fans are so angry with him, they feel he doesn’t deserve to be a part of this club and they want him out before the end of the summer.

Do you agree with the Manchester United fans who want Paul Pogba out of the squad? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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