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Opinion: Playing like this, Messi will save Valverde’s job

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After scoring his first hat-trick of the season, Lionel Messi will save Ernesto Valverde’s job if he keeps playing like today. 

With all the rumors placing Ernesto Valverde out of FC Barcelona, we can’t help but think that Leo Messi might save his manager’s job again.

We still don’t believe that the Spanish manager has what it takes to win the UEFA Champions League, but he can still hang from a thread if Messi keeps playing like he did today.

During the match against Celta de Vigo at Camp Nou, Lionel scored a new hat-trick that places him in par with Cristiano Ronaldo’s mark of 34 in La Liga.

The Argentine started his particular show by scoring a penalty with ease, then he scored two free-kicks that can’t be told apart from each other.

After leaving the stadium with another ball in the bag for his children to play with, Lionel Messi reminds us that he is on his way to another Ballon d’Or trophy.

For a minute right after he scored the second set-piece of the evening, we believed he would be capable of scoring a free-kick hat-trick but we couldn’t watch him do it.

However, Leo has mastered his free-kicks to a point where we wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did it before he retires.

There aren’t many records that he has yet to break, but that certainly is still one of them. 

During the match, Messi was spotted way more involved in the game compared to other occasions.

Knowing that he wouldn’t have Luis Suarez to accompany him, it was obvious that he would try to organize his teammates in a manner that benefited him the most.

Messi started the game with Antoine Griezmann as the striker, and Ansu Fati playing on the right lane of the pitch.

We also got the return from Arthur Melo to the starting eleven, which didn’t help Barcelona too much on ball possession.

In fact, Celta de Vigo had an overwhelming superiority in that aspect of the game but Barcelona had Messi.

Perhaps the Argentine can keep delivering memorable performances like the one from tonight, but he still has to play a good match against one of the best clubs in the world.

The UEFA Champions League is the tournament that Leo is looking forward to playing every chance he gets.

To him, it doesn’t matter if the manager is on death row or not. All Leo cares about is helping the squad and enjoying himself on the pitch, he doesn’t like thinking about the politics of his football club because he is still only a football player.

However, we believe that Messi refuses to acknowledge how much power he has on the Catalan club right now.

He is the one who keeps saving the jobs of the manager and the board of directors, perhaps he should reconsider his approach. 

It’s time for a major change in Barcelona. 

Due to how complicated the previous years have been for FC Barcelona, perhaps Lionel Messi needs to sit down with someone who can explain how valuable he is to the institution.

The overwhelming majority of Barcelona supporters have demanded Josep Maria Bartomeu’s resignation for years, and they also can’t stand Ernesto Valverde. This is a fact.

Lionel Messi scoring hat-tricks like the one he scored today, are not helping the supporters’ pleas in any shape or form.

The captain’s contributions to the squad are delaying the inevitable, which is the complete renovation within the institution.

A new structure needs to start happening as soon as possible in Barcelona, from the very top to the man who seats on the bench.

If Lionel Messi wants to win at least another UEFA Champions League title before he retires, he needs to influence the club in order to make that happen by taking a stand.

There are many projects within the club that are effective on paper, the problem is that Bartomeu keeps hanging on to power and he keeps hurting the club in the process.

We already know that Messi doesn’t like the club mixing football with politics, but he can’t really intervene in that aspect.

All Leo can do is help on the pitch right now, he has Barcelona’s future in his hands. 

How long will it take Messi to realize he can change things at FC Barcelona by himself? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.