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Opinion: Pele is below Messi or Ronaldo’s level today

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We need to talk about a controversial topic in football history, we believe Pele is below Messi or Ronaldo’s level in today’s football. 

King Pele has always been regarded as one of the best players in football history, but we think he wouldn’t be on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo today.

The Brazilian legend played during an early era in world football, he was barely coming up during the end of the ’50s and the sport was nowhere near as evolved as it is today.

Although it’s true that he was an incredible specimen who could overcome any obstacle, Pele would be a vastly different player in today’s football.

We are not saying he would be too far below these two, but he would certainly be a step below them.

The truth of the matter is that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are incomparable, the overwhelming majority of the football experts agree on this.

While Leo is regarded as possibly the best footballer who ever lived, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to remain at the top of all the records right next to the Argentine.

Both of these players are going to reach the historic number of 800 official goals between their club and their country, we have no doubt about that.

Pele wasn’t able to reach this number regardless of how much he brags about it in the media.

We are about to tell you the truth about those 1,283 goals that the Brazilian claims he scored throughout his career. 

Pele isn’t even the best Brazilian player in history. 

It’s no secret that a large number of Brazilian nationals are convinced that Pele is the best player who ever lived, but they are making this assumption out of pure love for his compatriot.

This phenomenon also happens with Diego Maradona, who is regarded as practically a deity in Argentina.

However, the rest of the world is convinced that Leo Messi is far better than Diego ever was.

But the reality is that Pele isn’t even the best Brazilian player in football history, I am convinced this honor should go to Ronaldo Nazario.

Despite his knee injury, the Real Valladolid president had an incredible career and he was a pioneer of the new breed of strikers we have today.

To my understanding, we wouldn’t have Cristiano or Messi if it wasn’t for the contributions that Ronaldo Nazario made to the sport.

Scoring so many goals in an era where football was basically in diapers is not that impressive, and Pele took full advantage of that situation.

We aren’t taking too much credit to his accomplishments, we only believe that his personal records and collective achievements were inflated in order to maintain him as the best ever.

And then there is the matter of the goals he scored…

It was 760, not 1,283.

Pele recently spoke out against Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700 career goals, which is an achievement that only a handful of players reached in football history.

Of course Pele is amongst those players, but he didn’t score 1,283 goals as he usually claims he did.

This recurrent statement from the Brazilian legend is very much in the vein of that annoying uncle who never shuts up at the cookout.

The reality is that Pele scored a total of 760 goals throughout his career, we are talking about the goals that count officially.

In this week’s latest interview that Pele offered, the man was questioned about Ronaldo’s number of goals.

It was evident that he would instantly spout that false stat he loves mentioning so much, but contradicting him on this matter isn’t wise.

We are talking about an old man, we should let him enjoy his glory despite avoiding reality.

“I hope Ronaldo is very lucky in the future,” said Pele

“Although he has scored a good amount of goals, because the number of goals he has right now won’t be enough.”

“I hope he has good health and strength in order to reach 1,283 goals, which is the number I scored. We are going to have to wait and see,” he added. 

Do you think Pele would be better than Ronaldo or Messi right now? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.