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Opinion: People need to stop fat-shaming Eden Hazard

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With the new images of Eden Hazard during his first training session with Real Madrid, we believe people should stop fat-shaming him.

Fat-shaming Eden Hazard is nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, the Belgian player has suffered this abuse at Chelsea too.

During the final months of his time with the Blues, there were pictures that didn’t help him and were circling around the internet.

Eden has always appeared to be a chubby guy at first glance, but he tends to silence all his critics as soon as he steps on the pitch.

We don’t know if you had the same experience, but have you ever played on the streets with your friends and you always find the typical short guys who tend to shame everybody with his quality?

That’s exactly the type of player Eden Hazard is, the man is low in stature and seems a little overweight but it’s all an optical illusion.

Even if he did let himself go a little bit over the holidays. Eden Hazard has always been a player who doesn’t need a lot of effort to deliver the results he did when he played at Chelsea.

Despite we obviously know Real Madrid is one of the ultimate destinations for any footballer, saying that Hazard isn’t taking this challenge seriously just because he is chubby means that you clearly don’t know the man.

Maurizio Sarri kept telling the media that Eden even got bored during practice because of how effortlessly he could do all the exercises.

BEHIND THE SCENES | Eden Hazard's first Real Madrid training session

🇧🇪🏃‍♂️⚽ This is how Eden Hazard felt before his first Real Madrid C.F. training session!¡Hazard antes de su primer entrenamiento como madridista en el #RMTour!

Posted by Real Madrid C.F. on Thursday, July 11, 2019

All the people and members of the media who are fat-shaming him will regret it as soon as they watch him perform in his first official match.

There is a switch that Eden can turn when he gets serious, one that all the Premier League squads feared when he played there.

The media isn’t doing itself any favors either by publishing a doctored image of Hazard’s head with Karim Benzema’s body.

One of the journal’s most recent issues shows all the Real Madrid stars initiating their medical tests with Eden Hazard in the front, that image is clearly not the player we know and love.

Real Madrid must understand that appearances may deceive you from time to time, Eden Hazard is the clear representation that we sometimes get some freaks of nature in any sport.

Just ask former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, who looks like Adonis from the movie ‘Creed’ and was defeated by a chubby Mexican very recently.

We can’t wait for Hazard to start laying waste in Spanish stadiums with that belly he currently has, that will give us an immense level of satisfaction when it starts happening.

The people who think players can’t perform at the same level with a different body structure are in for a surprise with this amazing player.


Eden Hazard is not Ronaldo.

Eden Hazard made the right decision to play at Real Madrid, he is one of the best options that the club had on the transfer market.

The man was simply on vacation and needed some time to disconnect before taking on the biggest challenge of his career, we are about to experience the best years of this incredible player.

We can’t expect this player to be the man who replaces Cristiano Ronaldo, that image of the Portuguese star taking the best care of himself is gone.

However, this doesn’t mean Eden Hazard will not take care of himself during the off-season.

This man takes his job very seriously but he also takes his personal life very seriously, Hazard is not as obsessed with fitness as Cristiano Ronaldo is.

We are talking about very different players, the Belgian has a gift to play football since he was practically born and Ronaldo has worked hard in order to get to the privileged position where he remains today.

We may also not see this player scoring 50 goals per-season as Cristiano did regularly but he will score the most important ones, make no mistake about that.

Zinedine Zidane has one of the most advanced eyes to spot talent in the world, he was the one who urged Florentino to sign Raphael Varane and Gareth Bale.

So please people, stop fat-shaming Eden Hazard because you will eventually regret it.

What do you think about the bullying that Eden Hazard is currently experiencing online? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.