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Opinion: Pep Guardiola regained confidence vs Chelsea

Pep Guardiola
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We need to talk about the level of confidence that Pep Guardiola regained after Manchester City’s victory against Chelsea FC.

It was a terribly complicated day for Pep and Manchester City, a defeat against Chelsea could’ve brought him a lot of trouble.

The Citizens were in the Premier League’s fourth-place before this match, they lost the second spot right before the international break.

They were facing Frank Lampard’s Chelsea at Etihad Stadium, which is one of the revelations of this season in English football.

Nobody expected the English manager to deliver such great results during his first year as a Premier League manager.

We would lie if we told you that we didn’t fear for Pep Guardiola’s job, he was risking a lot for this game and he knew it as well.

When the match started at the Etihad, the Citizens were stunned by a first-half goal from N’Golo Kante.

But the two goals that helped City come back were rewarding for Pep Guardiola, the Catalan manager was relieved after the final whistle.

This is the second manager that gives Pep a run for his money, we need to give Frank Lampard all the credit that he deserves for making Manchester City struggle tonight.

After Klopp, we told you that Frankie was one of the few managers who could play offensive football against Pep’s squad.

And we were right in our assumption, there were moments in which the Blues dominated the game.

Pep is not out of danger yet.

This is the last season that will give Pep the time he needs to win the UEFA Champions League, he will get sacked if the team doesn’t make it.

It won’t matter if they reach the tournament’s quarterfinals playing fantastic football, City won’t hesitate to sack Pep if he doesn’t win this season.

The Sheik has spent nearly €2 billion in his squad and they still haven’t been able to reach the final.

The only time they reached a semifinal, Guardiola wasn’t the manager yet and Manuel Pellegrini was on his way out.

The idea was that Guardiola would have at least three seasons to build his own ‘author’ squad, one to his own image in that period of time.

We can safely say that the team he currently has, is already amongst the most impressive rosters in European football.

Two consecutive Premier League titles are more than enough to believe this squad has what it takes to win it all.

In fact, Guardiola’s squad won the first-ever domestic treble in English football history last season.

There should be no more excuses to prevent this team from going after the UEFA Champions League.

There is a good reason why we have a feeling that the Citizens may not be making the same effort domestically this season.

Pep has clearly told his players that the ultimate target this year is the UEFA Champions League, but they will still fight to win everything.

He is the only manager in football history who won two trebles with two different squads.

The Catalan coach already won it at FC Barcelona, and we already mentioned the one he won last season.

If there is a manager who can do the unthinkable with any of his clubs, that man is certainly Pep.

But as the title of this appreciation story tells you: we don’t think the Catalan manager’s job is safe.

Winning against Chelsea tonight was a great step in the right direction, but there is still a lot of time left in all the competitions.

We got the idea that Manchester City won against the Blues because they were playing at home this evening.

We still have to see them play in another stadium and get three points in some of the most complicated pitches in English football.

Liverpool already defeated Pep’s team at Anfield Road, this could bring similar results against the other Top Six clubs.

As far as the Champions League is concerned, we think that knock out stages are very different compared to the league competition.

Guardiola needs a different approach in order to get as far as he can in this competition.

Do you think Pep Guardiola will keep his job at Manchester City by the end of the season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.