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Opinion: Pep Guardiola will for sure leave City next summer

Pep Guardiola, City
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We are convinced that Pep Guardiola’s days at Manchester City are numbered, this ban makes staying impossible for him. 

It appears Pep Guardiola won’t be able to fulfill his wish to remain at Manchester City for many years. The English club just got handed a historic 2-year ban from the UEFA Champions League. The governing body in European football found several irregularities of the Financial Fair Play rules since 2018.

The investigation lasted two years and the final resolution was presented on Friday. This news also comes at the worst moment for a club that was in the middle of making history as an institution. Manchester City was fresh out of two consecutive Premier League titles and they are trying to win the Champions League this season.

Now that we know this ban is effective at the start of next season. There is a lot of fear amongst the supporters for Pep Guardiola’s future. The Catalan manager already won every other trophy possible at the club. The Champions League was the last one he needed.

If there is no chance for him to even compete in this tournament for the next two years. There is no use for him to stay any longer. The rumors of Pep possibly going to Juventus will begin to pick up steam ASAP. 

Guardiola could coach Cristiano after all. 

The Catalan manager already had his chance to coach Lionel Messi, now he can get a shot at coaching Cristiano Ronaldo. This manager could become the first man in history to get this luxury is he moves to Juventus in the next few years.

Watching both figures in the same club was something unthinkable a few years ago, but this new revelation makes is possible. Ronaldo is currently trying to win the Champions League as well, but there are many doubts surrounding Maurizio Sarri.

The Old Lady wouldn’t mind changing the boss for the club’s benefit. Guardiola is one of the top choices for chairman Andrea Agnelli. We love to imagine how Pep will use Cristiano on his tactics if he takes control of Juventus while the star is still at this level.

Although the ban will get an appeal from City, we believe this is the final nail on the coffin for the club. Pep won’t see any reason to remain in English football if this doesn’t change. It’s only natural he makes the decision to leave after this season. 

Coaching Messi again is nearly impossible. 

As far as coaching his favorite player again, this news completely kills that chance. Leo was possibly going to hear the offer that could come from Manchester City next summer. There was a strong chance he would decide to leave FC Barcelona. Playing under Guardiola was one of his biggest desires.

There is still a slight opportunity if Leo moves to Juventus alongside Guardiola, but this is also highly unlikely. The other option is for Messi to remain at the Catalan club and Guardiola moves back to his beloved alma mater. However, this could only happen if president Bartomeu somehow decided to quit his job at the Catalan club.

It appears we won’t have Messi playing under Pep anymore, which is a total bummer. We all know these two formed a very special bond that we might never see again between a player and a manager. With Guardiola’s future uncertain. Everybody is on edge at Manchester City right now. We will keep you informed about the situation as it unfolds in front of our eyes. 

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