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Opinion: Philippe Coutinho isn’t good enough for Barcelona

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Here’s an unpopular opinion, we truly believe that Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho is not that great of a player for the Catalan club.

FC Barcelona won this Saturday’s match with a 3-1 result against Rayo Vallecano at Camp Nou, yet somehow the most interesting news of the wasn’t the win but the loud jeers that Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho got when he was substituted during the second half.

The Catalan club got really desperate when Neymar left the institution, to the point of going to great lengths in order to sign a player who has never really won a single title in his career and hasn’t proved anything that gives him the right to play at such a massive club.

While he did deliver some good performances for Liverpool during his time at the English club, Philippe Coutinho is one of the most overrated players in the world because he only looks like a very talented player but he doesn’t produce the stats to prove it.

When he first arrived at FC Barcelona, people dared to compare him to Andres Iniesta and they really thought they had a great player in their hands but he has proved everybody wrong in two seasons.

Out of the two massive transfers that the Catalan club made right after Neymar left, Coutinho is the one that has disappointed everybody but his teammates still back him because they are still expecting him to respond.

Ousmane Dembele has surpassed Philippe in almost everything even though he has been hard to deal with from a disciplinary standpoint, the French winger has become one of the most exciting talents in the world at a really early age and he has completely taken over a spot that could’ve been Coutinho’s.

The former Liverpool player is another great example of how poor Brazil’s talent pool has become over the years, he is considered one of the best players from his country and he is just as disappointing as most of the ones we have right now.

That golden generation of players formed by Ronaldo, Kaka, Adrian (in his prime), Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, or Rivaldo, is completely gone.

Brazil doesn’t seem like it will produce more players of this stature in a long time, Philippe Coutinho follows the tradition of players who have been massively overhyped and simply fall short when the real challenges come.

After playing for 80 minutes tonight at Camp Nou against Rayo Vallecano, the manager decided to take him off the pitch and give Ivan Rakitic ten minutes to play.

As Coutinho was leaving the pitch, the whole stadium started jeering him because they know what a disappointment he’s been.

As soon as the Croatian midfielder came on and the Brazilian sat on the bench, FC Barcelona started playing better football and they scored a beautiful collective goal that had nothing to do with the performance the collective offered during the majority of the game.

Having Philippe Coutinho inside the pitch is a clear mistake by manager Ernesto Valverde, but he needed to think about the crucial Champions League match they have next week against Olympique Lyonnais and give Rakitic some rest.

We can expect Philippe Coutinho to warm up the bench for that game against the French squad, his days at FC Barcelona seem numbered and the Catalan club doesn’t really expect to sell him for a price that is similar to the one they paid.

If this player ends up leaving the Catalan club by the end of the season, he will be part of the most shameful list of Barcelona players in the institution’s history.

Coutinho is turning up to be one of the biggest flops in FC Barcelona’s history, right up there next to names such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Arda Turan, or Cesc Fabregas.

Perhaps Phil will move to another club and succeed there, but he doesn’t seem to mix well with the Catalan club, they are like water and oil at this point.

Why do you think Philippe Coutinho is having such a hard time to perform well at FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.