Opinion: Philippe Coutinho regrets leaving Liverpool FC

We tell you the reasons Philippe Coutinho is currently going through the worst moment of his career and why he regrets leaving Liverpool.

About two years ago when FC Barcelona sold Neymar to PSG, Philippe Coutinho suddenly believed that leaving Liverpool would be a smart career choice.

We can’t blame the Brazilian midfielder for thinking in this manner, Barcelona was the best club during that time.

However, the tide was already changing even at that moment.

English football was coming out of a five-year slumber after several world-class managers made the decision to coach some of the biggest clubs in the country.

The seduction that this player felt from FC Barcelona was more powerful than his common sense.

Coutinho preferred to play alongside Lionel Messi instead of staying in a club that was on its way to the very top of the world.

Jurgen Klopp and several Liverpool board members kept trying to convince the player that leaving was a terrible decision but his mind was set on this choice.

As soon as he had the chance, Coutinho left the Reds and went to Barcelona to win league titles but miss out on the English club’s most exciting years in recent memory.

In fact, we can even see how Phil has grown increasingly frustrated for the poor level of performance he’s offered in Barcelona so far.

The Catalan club’s fans are tired of him and they want him out of the club as soon as possible.

Coutinho can’t say that the Liverpool board didn’t warn him about leaving, Tom Werner revealed how much they tried to convince him.

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason why any elite player wouldn’t want to be playing for Liverpool,” said Tom to the Liverpool Echo.

“We have such a strong squad with a strong back office and a manager who I think is one of the greatest managers in world football.”

“So I don’t think there is going to be any players who if they were invited to play for Liverpool, wouldn’t jump at the opportunity.”

“I would just point to the story of Philippe Coutinho,” Werner added.

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“I have only good things to say about Philippe. But I think he left Liverpool because he wanted to play for one of the two big Spanish clubs.”

“We tried to convince him that we had the club moving in the right direction and that he could experience big Champions League occasions by staying at Liverpool. I think he probably regrets his decision.”

“John (W Henry), Mike (Gordon) and I will leave the transfer business to those who know it so well – Jurgen and (sporting director) Michael Edwards,” Werner continued.

“If they recommend someone then we will support that recommendation. Our role at FSG is to support the manager and the people around him in the best way that we possibly can.”

Coutinho is officially on the market.

It’s very difficult to understand how Philippe Coutinho has gone from being considered one of the best options on the transfer market to a complete flop.

The Brazilian player has drastically changed his level of performance in the span of two years, this player is nowhere near the one that Jurgen Klopp had under his command two years ago.

The Catalan club has apparently given up on Phil according to Mundo Deportivo, they consider him a liability and they already assumed that they lost several million on his transfer.

The club paid Liverpool a steady €120 million for his transfer and they won’t be able to sell him for €100 this summer, this is considered another blunder from the Catalan club.

There is still no knowledge about where Philippe Coutinho will play next season, all we know is that the club is actively looking for a new club where they can sell him for the highest possible price.

We also know that Liverpool wouldn’t pay €100 million to get him back because he had his chance to stay and he rejected it.

Everything about Coutinho’s future will become clear after the Copa America is finished, we will get more updates until then.

What do you think FC Barcelona should do with Philippe Coutinho? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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