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Opinion: Pogba could be a Real Madrid player next week

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Given all the chatter that is currently flowing through different channels, we believe that Paul Pogba will become a Real Madrid player next week.

The situation between Real Madrid and Paul Pogba is reaching a boiling point this week, the negotiations have picked up steam in the last few hours.

We previously reported that the French midfielder is desperate to become a player for Los Blancos, but there were a few more clubs that attempted to sign him as well.

Juventus was the club that reportedly distracted Paul from his prime objective, which is to become Zinedine Zidane’s pupil.

The still Manchester United player understands that Zidane is the one man who understands his style of play to perfection, both men have been compared in the past.

The only added quality that Pogba has and Zidane didn’t was the physical prowess, Paul has a much more impressive physique than the current Real Madrid manager had when he still played football.

In regards to the mannerisms on the pitch, there really hasn’t been a player who is too similar to ‘Zizou’ in the past.

Perhaps Yoann Gourcuff was the closest we got to the legend, but then Paul Pogba came and everything changed.

It is almost as if a player with many of Zidane’s characteristics was born, but he also has some flavor of his own.

Contrary to the low profile that ‘Zizou’ always kept, Paul has African blood coursing through his veins and he never shies away from having fun.

The man has a healthy family life but he loves staying active, he loves spending time with his siblings, and he adores social media.

Paul is part of that new breed of athletes who are more in contact with their fans than ever before, he does it through his many different social media accounts.

Whether it’s through a picture, videos, or written messages, Pogba always remains in touch with the outside world.

Perhaps the old school managers don’t like this as much as the new ones, but Zidane doesn’t seem to have a problem with this modernized lifestyle.

As long as Pogba remains in top shape and keeps his professional life apart from that, there is no reason for the Real Madrid manager to not want Pogba on his squad.

The obstacle that the manager found was president Florentino Perez, but the two of them had a recent meeting in which the coach doubled down on the importance of bringing Paul to the club this summer.

Perez doesn’t want to pay too much for his transfer but Zidane demanded him to make the effort because he knows Real Madrid will win trophies with him on board.

There really is no reason for Florentino to not agree on a €150 million fee to buy Pogba from Manchester United.


Gareth Bale is the key to Pogba’s transfer.

Given that Zinedine Zidane already confirmed that he has no intention to keep Gareth Bale, Florentino wants to make a double play with the Welshman.

In order to cheapen Paul Pogba’s transfer fee, the Real Madrid president plans to offer Gareth Bale as part of the negotiation for the French midfielder.

There are two specific problems that can prevent this deal from going through. The first of these issues is that Manchester United are not so keen on bringing Gareth Bale to Carrington as they were a year ago.

The Red Devils consider that the winger has dropped his level of performance and they also don’t want to have a player who injures himself so often.

The other issue is Bale’s wishes to remain at Real Madrid, the player keeps sending messages to the board that he wants to stay.

Apparently, Gareth prefers to remain on the bench without playing under Zidane than play anywhere else next season.

If this is the case with Gareth Bale, we do have to say that his choice to possibly not play for Los Blancos speaks about a man who lost his star status long ago.

We believe that both clubs are destined to understand each other for Paul Pogba, it’s just a matter of time.

However, we also believe that the time has come and the French midfielder will make his dream come true next week.

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