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Opinion: Pogba must go to Real Madrid more than ever

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As we enter the middle of the pre-season, we need to talk about Real Madrid’s urgency of going after Paul Pogba with everything they got.

Real Madrid’s latest 7-3 defeat against Atletico Madrid was one of the club’s biggest humiliations of the last 50 years, this is the reason Paul Pogba needs to play for Los Blancos.

There are several players that are considered veterans, who are not up for the challenge of playing for Los Blancos.

Not even Zidane is looking like he knows how to get the squad out of this mess, and the season hasn’t even started yet.

The French manager’s statement after the match against Atletico was too self-indulgent to believe.

Hearing him talk about losing a Madrid Derby in such manner as if it wasn’t important, sent all the Madridistas to a place that nobody understands at the moment.

‘Zizou’ should remember that being at Real Madrid means that not even the friendly matches are taken lightly, especially a derby against Atletico.

There is a train of thought that suggests the French manager is not happy with Florentino Perez’s relationship with him, he is not doing his best as the coach because he is not getting all the players he wants.

There is also a theory that suggests Zidane is way in over his head, and the only reason he won three Champions League trophies was due to Cristiano Ronaldo.

We honestly couldn’t tell you which version is more plausible, both make a lot of sense.

Pogba is the last hope for Real Madrid.

What we can tell you is that Real Madrid is lacking a player who is as dominant as Paul Pogba, the French manager knows that he urgently needs this player in order to become competitive again.

The missing link is this France international, he is supposed to be Zidane’s extension on the pitch.

There are some players with whom Zidane doesn’t communicate very well, which is why he is trying to sign French-speaking players in key positions.

But make no mistake, Pogba is still the player that Zidane wants the most.

There seems to be no way that the French manager will stop fighting to get this player, he is willing to take his fight until the very last day of the summer transfer window.

The only problem that ‘Zizou’ has is that the Premier League’s transfer window is less than 15 days away from the deadline.

If he doesn’t get to convince Florentino Pere to splash the cash, there is no way that he will get to sign the player he’s been fighting for the most.

Eden Hazard was also a target for ‘Zizou’, but Paul Pogba is his burning desire and has been for a long time.

There are even similarities that the two of them share from the time Zidane was a player, they are both very elegant when they play.

The battle that’s coming with Florentino.

It’s very difficult to understand how Zinedine Zidane’s biggest obstacle to signing Paul Pogba is not Manchester United, Florentino Perez is the one who is making everything more difficult.

The Spanish president has been arguing with the French manager about transfers all summer, they don’t seem to understand each other as they did in previous seasons.

The chairman is refusing to spend more than €140 million for Paul, Manchester United keeps asking for €200 million because they know Perez won’t pay that much money.

This is what Zidane is trying to do, price has become unimportant for the French manager because he knows how essential Pogba is for his new project.

However, there is also the major doubt that Florentino Perez has about Zidane’s capabilities as a manager.

The latest pre-season results have opened a new discussion about the coach, there are critics who believe his recent brother’s passing is taking a heavy toll on him.

Perhaps this might not be the ideal time for Zidane to continue working, maybe getting some rest is ideal for him right now.


Will Paul Pogba end up at Real Madrid, or is he staying at Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.