After so much insisting from Zinedine Zidane, Paul Pogba won’t be the stellar transfer for Real Madrid during the summer window.

Real Madrid will have to go after another major star after Paul Pogba’s transfer became virtually impossible, Los Blancos weren’t able to seal the deal for the Frenchman.

There were countless attempts from Florentino Perez but the truth is that the president never really wanted Pogba in the first place, this step in the wrong direction will be harmful to his relationship with Zidane.

The current manager specifically asked the chairman for Pogba as the most important transfer for the summer, he confirmed there was no other player who could potentially replace what the France international could bring to the squad.

Since Manchester United wasn’t in the mood for selling their biggest player, they did everything in their power to prevent the deal from taking place.

Knowing that Perez has a new policy of not falling in the trap of the inflated market from the modern era, the Red Devils saw this as an advantage in the negotiating table.

Their attempts to make offers that wnt below what United demanded were countless, none of them convinced the English club completely.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer always kept the same narrative going, he always regarded Pogba as the best player he had and he didn’t want him to leave the club.

That was set in stone, this began frustrating a player who wanted to leave.

The Mino Riola factor.

Agent Mino Raiola has a huge deal of responsibility in this failed transfer for Real Madrid, he did everything wrong in order to frustrate his client’s wishes.

First of all, Mino built his poor reputation and that made him an undesired individual amongst most of the biggest clubs in the Spanish La Liga.

FC Barcelona wants nothing to do with him after the whole Matthijs de Ligt fiasco, and Florentino Perez completely despises him for the way he conducts himself.

When the time came for Raiola to begin negotiations with Real Madrid, the plan was to be as loud as possible in public.

This tactic obviously angered Manchester United’s board, they immediately doubled down on their stance about Pogba and Real Madrid saw how their chances to sign him decreased very quickly.

With deadline right around the corner just a couple of days ago, Los Blancos truly needed a miracle if they wanted to get the player they desired.

FC Barcelona, La Liga

OFFICIAL: El Clasico date confirmed

Barcelona and Real Madrid had their El Clasico postponed due to protest all over Barcelona on the originally scheduled date, October 26.

Zinedine Zidane began to get increasingly frustrated with the lack of commitment from Florentino Perez, and the result finally came on Thursday.

The final account is that Pogba will not play for Real Madrid this season, Los Blancos will. have to look for other options in different countries.

Suddenly, other names are becoming more viable even for Zidane’s own taste in football players.

The Neymar option is more viable by the minute.

Now that we know for sure that Paul Pogba isn’t coming because United didn’t sign any more players, Real Madrid needs to look for other clubs to find a proper star who can secure them a title shot.

There is only one name that can fit in this narrative, we all know that Florentino Perez secretly wanted Neymar way more than he wanted to deal with Paul and his infamous agent.

Zidane is not going to like the effort that the chairman will make to sign the Brazilian, this will be the tipping point of their relationship.

It’s not that Neymar isn’t a great option for Los Blancos, the problem is that Florentino keeps micromanaging the club and ‘Zizou’ is tired of this.

This practice has been one of Perez’s oldest traditions, it never stopped since the first time he became president.

It’s not as if Neymar’s arrival wouldn’t help fix things for Real Madrid, but Zidane surely isn’t happy with the results he’s been getting every time he meets with Florentino Perez.

There is a very clear disconnect between manager and president, and it could eventually affect the club’s results during the season.

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