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Opinion: PSG fooled half of Europe with the Neymar saga

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Now that the transfer market window has closed, we need to talk about how PSG has fooled half of Europe with the whole Neymar saga.

We all fell under the spell that PSG cast during their very scandalous summer transfer window, they fooled half of Europe with the Neymar saga.

The initial signs of a player who missed his former club and felt trapped inside a golden jail were there before the end of last season.

Neymar knew from the beginning of his adventure in Paris that he made the worst mistake of his life, he realized that Paris Saint-Germain was a terrible destination for him.

The level of performance that exists in Ligue 1 is light years behind what players like Neymar or Kylian Mbappe can offer, but the Sheik has all the power and the Brazilian knew this.

The situation escalated quickly, Neymar was unfortunate with the injuries he suffered and everything started moving against him as time kept going by.

The messages he sent to Leo Messi and Luis Suarez on their personal group increased in their S.O.S. nature, they knew that PSG had a hold of Neymar.

However, both of his friends couldn’t do much because the Brazilian brought this upon himself.

Messi tried to help in any way he could, but even he knew that bringing his friend back was nearly impossible.

PSG is a place where top players go to retire, or they arrive without knowing their future will be controlled by a state.

Barcelona’s fault in Neymar’s situation.

Hypothetically speaking, we believe that even Messi knew Neymar’s return to Barcelona was impossible.

This was all a front in order to prevent the fans to turn against the board of directors, we cold even bet that Leo was in on it the whole time.

Josep Maria Bartomeu’s physical language spoke about a president who didn’t even feel like going after the player, but he needed to maintain appearances.

As more than half of the Barcelona fans demanded the player’s return, Bartomeu knew very well that PSG never intended to sell him.

Even people from the French club spoke to the players from the very start of the “negotiations”, Le Parisien revealed sensitive information about this.

Leonardo and Nasser Al-Khelaifi had a meeting with the club’s most important players to tell them that the only reason they would sell Neymar to Barcelona was for €300m.

The one who got fooled for this the hardest was the player, who was always ready to leave a place where he hasn’t felt like himself for more than a year.

They kept telling him that they would negotiate his exit, but the Sheik never wanted to let him leave in the first place.

The club tricked Neymar in the same way they have tricked other players such as Marco Verratti, Adrien Rabio, Marquinhos, and Thiago Silva.

All Neymar can do by now is wait a full season, but he also has to prove that he is still relevant as one of the best players in the world.

The EA Sports FIFA 2020 video game ranks him as the third-best player in the world with 92 in overall abilities.

Neymar is only behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but we all know that he moved from being one of the three best footballers on the planet to the Top 20.

Neymar’s value has dropped dramatically in the last couple of years for many reasons, injuries are the most telling of all.

However, the Brazilian’s market value also dropped due to his lack of activity with his club and country over the last two years.

This year should be a time of recovery for Neymar, not only of his injuries but his state of mind as well.

Now that he knows he won’t go back to his beloved Barcelone, all he can do is play football and worry about getting back to the place where he belongs amongst the best.

Ney needs to remember how to be a professional, because he apparently forgot about it over the last couple of seasons with all this drama.

And if he still wants to play for Barcelona next season, he can wait and increase his market value to the point where the Catalan club won’t reject a negotiation for any sum of money.

The final take away of this is that PSG fooled not only Neymar, but the rest of the world as well.

They never intended to sell one of their best assets, they want to keep him at least for one more season.

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