Opinion: PSG is making a huge mistake with Neymar

Let’s talk about the most important matches that Neymar is set to miss with PSG during the announced 10 weeks he will recover from his injury.

Now that we know for certain how much time Neymar is going to miss without playing a single match for PSG, those ten weeks carry several matches that the Brazilian player will certainly miss and there are many details to break down about the huge mistake the club is making.

The French giants have reached the decision of letting the doctors take a “conservative” approach to his recovery, which means that they decided the player wouldn’t go through another surgery because they don’t want him to be completely out for the rest of the season at the club.

The problem with this choice is that the injury is on the very same metatarsal that Neymar received surgery last season, the player was already having second thoughts about the recovery process from the first intervention and he even decided to change the stud patterns on his football boots from hard ground to artificial ground out of fear of twisting his ankle during practice.

Neymar is clearly going through a difficult process and he is feeling pressured for not delivering the expected results at PSG, which is why he permitted the club to make this decision of not having surgery for him.

The Brazil medical staff does not agree on this decision of Neymar not going under the knife again, they feel that the player could risk his right foot to an even greater extent if he doesn’t get this problem completely fixed once and for all.

But what the Brazil medical staff thinks has very little influence on what happens to Neymar, because they are not the ones who pay for the player’s wage as Paris Saint-Germain does.

The National Team manager’s words from last week about fearing that Neymar could miss the Copa America take a whole different context now that we know the club made this decision, he really is scared that the player can suffer an even greater injury because he will be risking himself after coming back from that “conservative” treatment period that PSG described on their press release this Wednesday.

This pressure that the club is putting on the player, only adds up to the pressure that Neymar is putting on himself because he still hasn’t made the decision to play a different style of football and he may never want to reduce the risks he takes in doing so because he feels that he owes it to the fans.

We’ve discussed that the player needs to take a lesson from the Ronaldo Nazario rule book, and start playing un a more practical manner.

The key matches Neymar will miss for PSG

Out of the 10 weeks that Neymar is set to miss for PSG, there will be a total of 12 matches in all competitions that the player won’t be available for manager Thomas Tuchel.

But since the club has already practically secured another Ligue 1 trophy, there are at least 7 matches that Neymar can easily miss without a problem and nobody will complain about them.

However, five of those matches are considered crucial or high risked and the Brazilian forward is set to miss all of them. We start with this weekend’s Ligue 1 match at Olympique Lyonnais, which is Paris Saint-Germain’s most complicated rival in the French competition.

Just three days later, the French giants will have to play a crucial Coupe de France match against Villefranche. Six days later we have the first of two “finals” against Manchester United in the Champions League, a match that will sorely miss Neymar and will take place at Old Trafford.

After nearly a full month of unimportant Ligue 1 matches, we have the Red Devils’ visiting Parc des Princes on March 6 and Olympique Marseille’s visit eleven days later for Ligue 1 before Neymar allegedly makes his expected return.

But we stand by our claim, he should’ve gone under the knife.

Why do you think PSG decided to not let Neymar get another surgery when he clearly fractured his right foot again? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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