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Opinion: PSG won’t let Neymar off to Barcelona that easy

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Despite the reports coming from the Catalan press, PSG won’t let Neymar go to FC Barcelona so easily. We have a long summer ahead of us.

Reports from Diario Sport confirm that FC Barcelona and Neymar reached an agreement for the Brazilian’s return, but the club still needs to deal with PSG.

The French squad is not going to let their most expensive player leave so easily, they will use every single dirty trick in the book before they let him leave.

For chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, this whole deal with the Brazilian player has turned into a matter of dignity.

Folks at the French club know that they can’t do anything to keep Neymar, and they don’t really want him to remain in Ligue 1.

However, they consider that the player tricked them and they are not willing to lose a single penny for his transfer.

FC Barcelona may think that the negotiations won’t be difficult now that they reached an agreement with the player.

The Catalan club clearly hasn’t dealt with an angry Al-Khelaifi, who next to Tottenham’s Daniel Levy is the toughest negotiator in European football today.

Don’t be surprised if the chairman takes this operation to the very last hour of the last day, he wants to make Neymar suffer as much as he can.

The Brazilian player is about to embark on one of the most difficult summers of his professional life, but there is light at the end of this long tunnel.

There are some details of this negotiation that we need to discuss.

Neymar agreed to all of Barcelona’s conditions.

The Brazilian player is so desperate to return to FC Barcelona, that he allegedly agreed to all the terms and conditions imposed by the Catalan club.

Diario Sport confirms that the PSG star will cut his wage from €38 million to €22 million.

The player also is reportedly willing to issue a public apology to all Barcelona fans for making the mistake of leaving the club in the way that he did.

And finally, the star also agreed to make his father drop the €26 million lawsuit that is still ongoing for a bonus that he claimed to the club.

None of the conditions that FC Barcelona asked Neymar to cover were a problem for either the player or his family, all he wants is to smile again as a professional footballer.

Now that an apparently smooth deal with the Catalan club was reached, the most complicated part is still ahead of Neymar’s immediate future.

We need to talk about the many possibilities that the Spanish giants have in order to negotiate for their former player.

There may be a couple of players who could become a part of the negotiation because getting Neymar back won’t be cheap.

Paris Saint-Germain is not only demanding the initial €222 million they paid Barcelona, but they also want some of the wage money they paid him over the last couple of seasons.

FC Barcelona’s negotiating options.

As we reported in previous days, PSG’s initial price for Neymar is €300 million. Nasser Al-Khelaifi won’t accept a single penny less than that.

The Catalan club understands that this demand is too elevated but they are willing to make an effort in the form of possible trading cards they can use.

It is well-known that Ousmane Dembele is good friends with Kylian Mbappe, which is a good opportunity that PSG wouldn’t mind undertaking.

Another option for trade is Philippe Coutinho, but the French club is not convinced that the Brazilian midfielder has the level to be part of the negotiation.

Other players who could become trading options for Barcelona are Ivan Rakitic and Samuel Umtiti.

The idea is that Barcelona doesn’t want to pay the €300 million in cash, they don’t even have that kind of money.

They could pay €100 million and include one or two players in the negotiation. PSG will keep saying no to any offer Barcelona makes until they are fully convinced that they won’t lose anything in the process.

The good news is that Neymar was willing to agree to Barcelona’s terms, but this whole drama is far from over.

Another thing worth noting is that the Brazilian player had other offers but he chose Barcelona above the rest.

How long will it take FC Barcelona and PSG to reach an agreement for Neymar? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.