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Opinion: Raheem Sterling keeps proving his critics wrong

Montenegro v England UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier
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After his latest performance and post-game reaction on Monday, we can now see how wrong Raheem Sterling’s critics have been all along.

It wasn’t enough for Raheem Sterling to get back into England fans good graces with his performance against the Czech Republic, he also needed to prove all his critics wrong with a second straight powerful display and also a leadership demonstration after this Monday’s match at Montenegro.

Let’s talk about his overall performance on the pitch first, Raheem had a spectacular final 20 minutes of the match as he gave Harry Kane an assist and scored his side’s final goal with ten minutes still left on the clock.

The Manchester City winger should also be credited for England’s third goal that Ross Barkley scored, Sterling was the one who got all the Montenegro defenders on alert and he cleared the space for Barkley to get his brace during the match.

Even though his performance was quite special again, the most impressive aspect of Raheem Sterling today is how he managed to finally silence his critics and respond to abusers who bullied teammate Danny Rose during the match.

As we already reported earlier today, the Tottenham Hotspur defender suffered racial abuse from the Montenegro fans and Sterling was one of the players who weren’t afraid to speak against this shameful display.

As Rose reported his teammates what happened, Sterling was very aware of what happened before he scored his goal and his celebration was dedicated to all the people who disrespected his teammate.

It’s quite funny how things worked out today because several media outlets from England have portrayed Raheem Sterling as a classless guy, someone who doesn’t have a high level of education and the man has managed to shut all those critics down with his repeatedly good deeds.

Raheem Sterling has made sure to leave all those preconceptions about him completely squashed, he has proved to be above any type of criticism and a total example for people of all ages.

The man does it all. From helping those in need as he proved during his goal celebration in the match against the Czech Republic, to speaking up against racism in football like he did today right after the victory against Montenegro.

If Sterling really was a person with a low level of education, he would have responded very differently to how he did today and all those misguided critics would be having a field day with everything they would’ve written about him.

But Raheem rose above all that, he is the real winner of this memorable night.

After so many great aspects of his personality have been exposed during these past months, even manager Gareth Southgate has decided to give Sterling a spot inside England’s leadership group because he is convinced that Raheem will become a captain of the squad in the future.

“We’ve had three or four players captaining the team, and Raheem is developing lots of the qualities those guys have,” Southgate said via Goal.

“He has those qualities. It’s difficult to talk about a potential captain when the captain [Harry Kane] is in the hotel waiting to go out for dinner, but in terms of his personal qualities, he’s shown some outstanding personal qualities.”

“I decided to promote him into the leadership group in between November and March, observing his maturity and influence,” Southgate added.

“I think when you speak to other young players, he’s one of the first they speak about making them feel really comfortable in the environment. That was a really important move for him.”

“For me, the biggest thing is he’s in such a confident mood, he’s finishing without thinking,” Southgate said.

“He’s in flow, and for any sportsman that’s a great place to be. You want to play without thinking. As soon as you think about what you’re going to do, you hesitate.”

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