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Opinion: Raul Jimenez has earned his transfer to Wolves

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After nearly a whole season, Mexican striker Raul Jimenez has completely earned his transfer to Wolves and he might get announced today.

Raul Jimenez’s road to success has been a gruesome one since the very start of his career, his time at Wolves has become one of the biggest Premier League revelations of the season and the English club has already made its decision to make the definitive purchase effective.

Just this Wednesday morning, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ official Twitter account published a cryptic message in which they only mention today’s date and they throw an image of Raul Jimenez’s number ‘9’ on it.

This obviously means that they have reached the final decision to pay Benfica the release clause of €38 million for the Mexican striker and they have many reasons to gladly accept the terms of this deal, Jimenez has already scored an impressive 15 goals and 7 assists during his very first Premier League season with Wolves.

But that’s not the most impressive part of this decision made by the club, Raul has performed at the highest level when he faces the bigger clubs in English football and he has proved that he is worthy of an even greater price tag.

Benfica certainly feels like they are selling their player for a cheap price right now after witnessing his rise to stardom.

Within the next few hours, Raul Jimenez will become the most expensive Mexcian player in football history after Wolves pay that money for him.

The Club America product has come a long way since he arrived in European football, he came to Atletico Madrid by Diego Simeone’s special request and he wasn’t able to adapt quickly to the Colchoneros.

After only a season, Jimenez was sold to Benfica and he was able to grow his experience in European football.

Three full seasons caught the attention of several clubs, but Nuno Espirito Santo’s time in Portuguese football was more than enough to convince him that Jimenez was the best possible option that he could bring to Wolverhampton on his new Premier League adventure.

The confidence that the Portuguese manager deposited in Raul paid off big time, as Wolves are considered the most competitive squad out of the Top Six biggest clubs in English football.

Every single major institution that has played against Raul Jimenez throughout the season, knows that they are in for a nearly impossible task of beating Wolves and the Mexican striker is a major component of this fear that all the other clubs have grown to develop for this squad.

In regards to the profile that this player has, there are a few details that we didn’t mention about Jimenez in our previous examination of this Mexican’s many talents.

Contrary to ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez’s fast pace and goal-scoring talents inside the box, Jimenez is a different type of striker who enjoys playing alongside his attacking teammates and doesn’t shy away to the opportunity of providing any of his friends an assist.

The latest match against Manchester United was a perfect example of Raul at his best, he didn’t need to score a goal in order to have a massive impact in the game against the Red Devils.

Then there is that special talent for scoring important goals in key moments, Jimenez has proved repeatedly that he has that very specific talent to get important goals during the most difficult times for his squad.

The most memorable of them all is a bicycle-kick goal he scored against Panama ahead of the 2014 World Cup, a moment in Mexican football history that will remain as one of the most incredible that’s ever existed in the National Team’s history.

If it hadn’t been for that goal, Mexico wouldn’t have played the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

It’s safe to say that Raul Jimenez is by far the most complete Mexican striker in the world.

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