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Opinion: Real doesn’t need Pogba, they have Valverde

Valverde, Pogba
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Due to all the rumors happening at Real Madrid, we believe Paul Pogba isn’t needed because they already have Fede Valverde. 

Paul Pogba has been the most coveted player by Real Madrid over the last couple of years, but Fede Valverde changed this.

The young Uruguay international has managed to make the fans forget that they need a midfielder like Paul.

With only half a season, Fede was more than enough to make Real Madrid supporters realize they don’t need new midfielders.

In fact, Florentino Perez himself refused to acknowledge anything related to the Frenchman.

This happened last Sunday after Los Blancos defeated Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final.

A journalist got a few moments with the chairman and asked him about the Manchester United player.

Perez responded in a cheeky manner by asking who Pogba was, this was a clear nod to Federico Valverde’s performance.

The youngster was the reason Real Madrid won that title, his contribution even earned him the MVP of the tournament.

We have to give the midfielder all the credit he deserves, he truly is a complete box-to-box midfielder and one of Europe’s biggest revelations.

Even Zidane is completely shocked at the discovery, he wasn’t expecting this level of performance from a youngster. 

Zidane will still go after Pogba. 

Despite Real Madrid board’s refusal to go after Paul Pogba, Zinedine Zidane is a greedy manager.

The gaffer still believes that both Luka Modric and Toni Kroos are veterans who might leave the club soon.

His idea is to pair Valverde up with Casemiro and bring Pogba to the mix.

The ultimate midfield dream for Zidane is with those three players, he still wants Real Madrid to sign Pogba as soon as possible.

The Red Devils’ player hasn’t been going through the best moment of his career with an ankle injury.

But Zidane remains in touch with him on a daily basis, he wants Pogba to remain calm about his future.

The midfielder knows that Manchester United supporters don’t want him at the club anymore, and he wants to leave.

Despite Fede Valverde’s appearance, ‘Zizou’ still promised Paul that he will become a Real Madrid player in the near future.

This became a matter of keeping a promise for Zidane, and he intends to keep it no matter the cost.

But we believe Florentino Perez won’t like the idea of spending too much money on a single footballer.

We predict that more disagreements will happen between the manager and the chairman because of this. 

Valverde is worth the trouble. 

Florentino Perez keeps making the right decisions when it comes to signing youngsters from a very early age.

The Peñarol product came to Real Madrid when he was still a teenager. He’s evolved to become what he is over time.

Perez was the man who made the decision to bring him to Los Blancos and the reward is already happening as we speak.

This player has everything to become just as successful as Luka Modric, if not even better.

Everybody at the club is delighted to have him on board. Even Zidane is completely sold.

We have to say that we didn’t expect Real Madrid’s best player of the season to be a midfielder.

But Fede Valverde earned all the recognition he is getting. He truly is an incredible footballer.

If Paul Pogba comes next season, he might struggle to earn his place from the very beginning.

However, coming to Real Madrid will be the best decision for his career.

Paul knows that he will improve as a player if he signs a new contract with Los Blancos.

Having Valverde as his competition must be very exciting. 

Who do you like better, Paul Pogba of Fede Valverde? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.