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Opinion: Real Madrid can steal Neymar from Barcelona

Neymar, PSG
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We will tell you about the latest on Neymar’s future, we are convinced that Real Madrid can steal him from under Barcelona’s nose.

It appears we finally reached the final days of the Neymar saga, the Brazilian player is deciding between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid as his new club.

There was a clear idea that the player preferred to go back to his former squad where many of his friends still play, but the Catalan club doesn’t appear to be making a massive effort to get him back.

The reality is that Barcelona spent €250 million on several players this summer, which left the club’s bank account completely empty.

Even if they wanted to pay PSG what they want for Neymar, the truth is that they simply don’t have that kind of doe.

There hadn’t been a formal offer for the player until this week, as the club’s board decided to make one last trip to Paris and present the only formal offer for the star thus far.

Given that they don’t have any money to give the French club, they decided to take on a route that the player doesn’t appreciate and he considers an absolute joke.

Barça is only willing to ask for Neymar on a loan this season with a mandatory payment clause for the next one, they are willing to meet the €222 million for his transfer but they simply don’t have the money to pay for him right now.

They had other options to use player in a trade, but recent developments killed that choice as well.

Coutinho and Dembele, no longer part of the deal.

Given that Philippe Coutinho recently made his loan to Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona no longer has that bargaining chip to offer PSG.

They were adamant on not letting Ousmane Dembele leave under any circumstance, but his recent injury may compromise a possible change of mind on the last-minute.

This leaves Barcelona with no players that interest PSG right now, plus no money to negotiate for his transfer if that loan offer is rejected.

Chances are that the French giants will inevitably reject this offer from Barcelona, which is scheduled to be presented to the club in the next 48 hours.

This latest attempt to bring Neymar back to Barcelona has been regarded as an insult by the player’s own people, they don’t think the Catalan club wants him back.

Regardless of the alleged pressure applied by Leo Messi to bring his friend back, it’s almost as if Barcelona didn’t really care about the Brazilian.

We can’t say that we blame them though, he did sue the club and left them hanging out to dry back in 2017 after all.

We completely get it if the club’s president doesn’t really care about having the player back with the squad. The problem is that Real Madrid is always lurking in the back.


Florentino Perez is waiting for his chance.

In a recent report from ‘El Chiringuito’, the position from Real Madrid is very straight forward and it may be activated within the next few hours.

As soon as the loan offer is officially sent by FC Barcelona, PSG won’t hesitate to call Real Madrid and offer the player to them.

Florentino Perez is already waiting for this call, he is one of the few people who can actually pay for Neymar and he would finally fulfill an old dream of his.

In the same report, Paris Saint-Germain is also waiting for Paulo Dybala to possibly play at PSG this season and arrive as Neymar’s replacement.

The next few hours will be very stressful for all the parties involved in the negotiation.

This whole saga has transformed into a poker match that is too difficult to call, we will know what happens with Neymar before the end of the week.

But as things stand right now, the Brazilian appears closer to Real Madrid than he is to FC Barcelona.

Los Blancos are actually closer to signing Neymar than they have ever been in the last decade.

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