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Opinion: Real Madrid has the world’s best midfield line

Real Madrid, midfield
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It’s time to shed some light into the most competitive midfield line in the world, Zinedine Zidane’s four players in that position. 

Real Madrid has been one of the most disappointing clubs over the last year, but their midfield is still the world’s best. During Zinedine Zidane’s golden era, they had three of the best in the business playing in that position. A trio formed by Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, and Casemiro.

Together, these three exceptional midfield players won three consecutive UEFA Champions League trophies. No other club in football history did this before. One tends to attribute those wins to Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence on the pitch. But we need to start giving credit where it’s due, those midfielders carried Real Madrid through thick and thin.

Even though Ronaldo is gone now, they are still performing relatively well despite their deficiencies. The lack of goals is quite evident in Real Madrid, but the club’s midfield is still delivering good performances. The most recent example was El Clasico.

FC Barcelona’s midfield had nothing to do against Los Blancos at the Santiago Bernabeu. ‘Zizou’ knows that having these players on point is already a major advantage for them when they need to control the most complicated games. 

The Valverde effect.

After those three years on top of the world, it was clear that some midfielders needed to take a breather. Luka Modric was arguably the best midfielder out of the bunch. The Croatian star even won the first Ballon d’Or after 10 years of Messi and Ronaldo’s dominance. But the gas on his tank was running low already, he really took a break.

Fortunately for Real Madrid, they had another amazing player who was ready to cover for Luka. A young Uruguay international came into the scene without any previous warning. Even Zidane was surprised by his explosive appearance. His name is Federico Valverde. He became an overnight sensation.

There are some of Luka Modric’s talents that Los Blancos still haven’t recovered. But ‘Pajarito’ has some aces up his sleeve as well. Nobody has that combination of passing accuracy and defensive work inside the squad, only Valverde. In many matches, he was even considered the MVP due to his omnipresence inside the pitch. Then, we also have the matter of Zidane’s constant request for Paul Pogba. 

‘Zizou’ doesn’t need Pogba anymore. 

Valverde’s appearance covered all the cracks that Real Madrid had according to Zidane. The French manager was looking to sign his compatriot from Manchester United as a response to that. But ‘Pajarito’ came knocking down every door and convinced the gaffer that he was the answer.

Although the coach still wants Paul to reinforce the squad, he knows Valverde is a safe bet for him. It’s clear that Real Madrid is far from the perfect club they were in 2018. But at least they have the midfield part well covered. This group of players can rest easy knowing they don’t have to worry about not having enough midfielders.

We dare you to tell us which club in Europe has a better line in this part of the pitch. There simply isn’t another squad that can rival Los Blancos at the moment. If this team has any chance of making a comeback against Manchester City, it’s only because of its midfield players. Only through these players can Real Madrid move forward in the Champions League. 

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