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Opinion: Real Madrid is lucky El Clasico got postponed

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After their result against Mallorca on Saturday, Real Madrid is very fortunate that El Clasico was postponed until December.

From the very first moment that Real Madrid’s match against Mallorca started, we couldn’t shake the feeling of how lucky they are that next week’s El Clasico was postponed.

Things didn’t start out well for Los Blancos at the start of the weekend, as Eden Hazard was taken off the list because he became a father for the fourth time and needed to be with his family.

This left Zinedine Zidane with no other option but to call up players he doesn’t use regularly, he even called Mariano to be part of the squad for the trip to Mallorca.

The first half in Palma de Mallorca’s Iberostar Stadium was arguably one of the most revealing performance in Real Madrid’s recent months.

Not having key players from the start proves how wrong Zidane is to not give more chances to the rest of his squad.

For this Saturday’s game, the French coach decided to bring Luka Jovic alongside Karim Benzema on the attack.

If that wasn’t enough, he also gave Isco his very first start of the season alongside James Rodriguez.

Over the years in which we’ve seen these two playmakers perform together, we’ve learned that they are not equipped to play next to each other and they only affect the squad.

Zidane should’ve known better before sending them both on the pitch, he is going directly against his traditions because he is beginning to feel desperate.

Real Madrid is currently going through a result crisis that may last for years, it is a problem that won’t be magically solved because of the actions of one manager.

This is hardly Zinedine Zidane’s fault, it is simply a natural reaction of a team that has won so many trophies over the last decade.

Although Junior Lago’s goal was the only one Mallorca scored, they had another one disallowed during the first half.

Zidane managed to fix the mistakes from his lineup in the second half, but it was too late after a certain period of the game.

Alvaro Odriozola’s second yellow card with 15 minutes left on the clock was the final nail in this coffin.

Real Madrid was on its way to a fresh away defeat, and they left FC Barcelona to benefit from the spoils.

Considering how well the Catalan club did at their own match played against Eibar, we believe that Real Madrid is fortunate that next week’s El Clasico was postponed for December.

Over the next few months, Zinedine Zidane will at least get some time to fix the problems the squad has and maybe even allow Florentino to see if he is the right man for the job.

As the negative results keep piling up on Zidane’s face, we can’t help but think that perhaps his time as Real Madrid’s manager might be rushing to an abrupt end.

La Liga might be all Zidane has left.

Considering how terrible the UEFA Champions League results have been during the season, we can’t help but think that this result puts the French manager on the brink of the sack.

Zidane’s speech at the start of the season was meant to bring the squad together in order to fight for La Liga’s title.

The prime objective that the French manager has is to win the domestic competitions, but results like the one from this Saturday can only have a negative impact on that goal.

If his angle is to win the domestic title, perhaps experiments like the one he performed against Mallorca would work better in less complicated matches.

Iberostar Stadium’s fans cheered when the final whistle was sounded by the referee, they know that this is a wonderful result for their hopes to remain in the competition.

Keep in mind that Real Madrid wasn’t able to win against a club that is currently trying to avoid relegation, this how deep their problems are.

Los Blancos are lucky that they won’t face Barcelona next weekend, they would be completely massacred if this happened.

In our view, Zidane was spared of getting the sack next weekend thanks to all the protests that are happening in Catalonia.

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