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Opinion: Real Madrid is wasting Isco Alarcon’s talents

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Due to how little he is playing right now, we have to talk about the way in which Real Madrid is wasting Isco Alarcon’s talents. 

Back when he started his career at Malaga, Isco Alarcon’s talents were regarded amongst the best in European football.

When he still played under Manuel Pellegrini, there were several clubs in the continent that were after his transfer and he was having a hard time choosing the best option.

The club that ultimately signed him was Real Madrid, Florentino Perez managed to convince him that he was a perfect fit to play for Los Blancos.

As time has gone by, Isco has been part of a historic squad that won the UEFA Champions League four times.

However, the Spanish playmaker was only prominent in one of those seasons for the club.

There has always been another player who performs the same position he does, and the manager can only pick one of them.

During his time with Los Blancos, Isco had Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane as the managers who got the best out of him.

But recent years have shown that Alarcon is far from the incredible player he was during his better years, he lacks the motivation to perform right now.

The French manager is the one who decided that he would fit better as a bench player who could help the squad coming as a substitute. But Isco obviously doesn’t like this scenario. 

Even though he’s been in a comfort zone for a few years now, this situation already ended with his patience.

Before Isco made his decision to play for Real Madrid, he was a die-hard Leo Messi and FC Barcelona fan.

Right about now, we can guarantee that Isco would like to be part of the Catalan club.

We don’t know if Isco would play regularly for Barcelona, but we do know that he would at least fit better in that system.

Real Madrid has always been a squad that plays on the counter-attack, they don’t perform well when they keep the ball for prolonged periods of time.

Barcelona is the perfect environment for players who like to keep the ball for longer, which is exactly what Isco likes to do.

We are not saying that he hasn’t performed well at Real Madrid during his tenure there, but he simply doesn’t fit in that system as he would in other clubs.

As of right now, Isco is not part of Zinedine Zidane’s go-to players who can perform on a regular basis with Los Blancos.

He is arguably one of the most talented unused players in the squad.

The Spaniard’s situation is slightly similar to the one that James Rodriguez is going through, both of them are playmakers and none of them seem to fit in Zidane’s tactical plans. 

With more competition, Isco’s future is settled. 

The fact that Real Madrid has signed more offensive players with different characteristics that Isco has is a major problem for him.

The playmaker already had problems with the way in which the squad was starting to play without him.

However, this past summer was incredibly busy for Real Madrid and many new players arrived.

Eden Hazard and Rodrygo Goes are the players who threaten Isco the most, given that they play as wingers.

‘Zizou’ was always more keen on using footballers who moved quickly on the lanes rather than use playmakers in the middle.

This is the main reason that Isco doesn’t fit in Real Madrid’s plans, and this issue is bound to push the Spaniard away from his current club.

There are many options that Isco could have for his future, but he will have to sit down and patiently pick the best destination for him.

For now, all Isco can do is wait for more opportunities to come his way.

Zinedine Zidane will surely use him throughout the year in a sporadic manner, but we still believe that his future is decided in Real Madrid.

There is no way that Isco will take another season without playing too much at his club, he urgently needs a new team. 

Where would be a good place for Isco to play his football freely? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.