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Opinion: Real Madrid needs to sack Gareth Bale ASAP

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We need to talk about the deplorable reaction that Gareth Bale had against Real Madrid, he needs to get sacked immediately. 

Gareth Bale just took his war against Real Madrid to a whole new level, the Welshman needs to be sacked by the Spanish giants ASAP.

After Wales qualified for the UEFA Euro 2020 on Tuesday, the Welsh players wanted to mock the whole situation that Bale is going through in Madrid.

The player is currently not an important piece of the puzzle for manager Zinedine Zidane, he is actually two steps below other players when the selection process starts.

This whole situation has taken Gareth Bale to the extreme, he is not complying with any of Zidane’s commands and today he even started disrespecting the fans.

After so much success in the Spanish club, Gareth Bale owes most of his great nights to the acceptance from the Real Madrid supporters.

They are the ones who are always by his side through thick and thin, and he just responded with a slap in their face.

The celebrations that took place in Wales after qualifying to the UEFA Euro 2020 were happening as the rest of the Welsh players took out a controversial flag.

With the traditional dragon from their country and a chant they were making, Gareth poked fun at Real Madrid in the most humiliating way possible. 

In the flag you could clearly read: “Wales, Golf, Madrid. In that order.”

This is a clear dig at so much criticism Gareth Bale has gotten for playing golf during his recovery periods, but it’s also a dig at Real Madrid for not giving him the value that he believes he deserves.

We have no idea who sanctioned this controversial mockery of Los Blancos, but this action should be more than enough for Florentino Perez to ban Gareth Bale from the club for good.

There is no way that the Spanish giants will be able to maintain their dignity if they allow such an embarrassing demonstration to go unpunished.

Even the player didn’t think this situation was that important, mainly because he doesn’t see Real Madrid as an important club for him anymore.

The loving relationship that Los Blancos had towards Gareth Bale was completely obliterated after what happened tonight in Wales.

Coming back from this will be impossible at this point, we can pretty much say goodbye to Gareth and his time at Real Madrid.

Florentino Perez should already be looking into the options that the player has, he must leave during the winter transfer window. 

Where will Gareth Bale go next? 

Now that he declared his intentions to leave as soon as possible, it’s time for Gareth Bale to start looking into the real options he has.

In order to continue his career, the Welshman will have to pick a squad that he considers ideal for his future and where he can keep earning as much money as he captures at Real Madrid.

It is pretty clear that very few clubs in England would pay him what he requests, which leaves Bale with very few options.

The only possible chance for him to leave this winter is going to Chinese football, which is not ideal but it’s still a quick way out.

Due to this mockery he made of Los Blancos, we can already tell that Gareth Bale doesn’t care where he goes next as long as he leaves ASAP.

The upcoming days will be hell on earth for Gareth Bale, especially with all the negative press he is about to get from the major news outlets in Spain.

There is no way they are going to let him get away with what he did, this is truly the end of Gareth’s history with Los Blancos.

The final chapter was long overdue, but it’s finally here. 

Why do you think Gareth Bale agreed to do this against Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.