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Opinion: Real Madrid should forget about signing Neymar

Could Neymar head back to Barcelona in this transfer window?
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Time to talk about why Real Madrid should completely forget about signing Neymar from PSG next summer, they have no reasons to buy him anymore.

There is no question that Neymar Junior is one of the best footballers in the world, we all know that he has been Real Madrid’s obsession since he was a teenager and FC Barcelona beat them to the punch when he was still a Santos FC player.

Now that the forward decided to play for PSG and has been doing it for a couple of seasons, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the player’s future and even he has come out to say that nothing reported is true.

But despite the constant attempts to deviate the attention from Neymar’s possible transfer to Real Madrid, the rumors keep intensifying and even PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been pushed to deny that his most expensive player will leave the French giants anytime soon.

It was just last week when the board member came out in the press and repeated what he’s been saying over and over again to the press: Neymar Junior is not leaving Paris Saint-Germain and anybody who keeps pushing this narrative is wrong to do so.

People at the French club are convinced that this is a strategy from Florentino Perez, who doesn’t seem to stop on his quest to finally land this transfer that has taken him so long to work.

To the Real Madrid president, having Neymar suffer through two injuries on the very same left-foot metatarsal doesn’t seem to matter.

Florentino Perez will keep pushing for Neymar until PSG finally gets to surrender to so much pressure coming from the Real Madrid press apparatus, this is quickly starting to look more like a whim from the president than anything else.

Having so many options on the market doesn’t seem to matter to the man, he’s been working for so long on convincing Neymar that he has already lost any track of reality and he won’t seem to stop until he gets what he wants.

But looking at the situation that the Brazilian player is going through, we will give Florentino Perez a few major reasons why he should leave the whole Neymar transfer alone and maybe focus on other players who can be just as good for the club.

In fact, Real Madrid doesn’t really need to sign any new players because they already have a few inside the club who are world-class and will deliver massive results to the institution in the short term.

But just in case Los Blancos are eager to sign a new talent who can make a massive impact, we will give you the other options to get instead of Neymar and also our reasoning behind this suggestion.

First of all, Neymar is quickly starting to become old news in world football as his latest injury threatens to affect him on a psychological level that may leave him scarred for life.

Getting a scare like that on the same foot twice is something from which very few players have been able to recover, only Brazilian Ronaldo come to mind when we think about similar examples.

Also, Neymar’s sales in shoes have dropped dramatically since the last World Cup and his image has been hurt after the ruthless memes galore that unleashed against him.

The biggest example of how damaged his image is can be traced to his penultimate football show silo from Nike, the sales were so bad that several of those boots were sent to discount stores around the world and his latest model doesn’t seem to be selling as well either.

And finally, having other options like Kylian Mbappé, Harry Kane, or Eden Hazard, we really can’t see why Florentino Perez would still be willing to pay the big bucks for Neymar during the next transfer window.

Real Madrid should forget about him for good, they already have a brilliant Brazilian talent in Vinicius Junior anyway.

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