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Opinion: Real Madrid should make a last effort for Pogba

Paul Pogba, Manchester United
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All Real Madrid supporters are still hopeful, they expect the club to make one final effort to sign Paul Pogba before the window’s deadline.

The next three or four days at Real Madrid will be absolutely mental, we can even expect them to make one final effort to sign Paul Pogba.

Zinedine Zidane hasn’t been able to convince Florentino Perez to splash the ash on the player he wants the most for his new project, the president doesn’t care how badly ‘Zizou’ wants him.

If Pogba doesn’t cost less than €150 million, he won’t make it to Real Madrid before the end of the transfer window.

However, the French manager keeps doubling down in his demands and he is already starting to use excuses in order to cover his tracks in case his team doesn’t cut it this season.

When Zidane decided to return as a personal favor to Florentino Perez, he was promised complete control of the club’s transfers.

As far as we know, none of these alleged commitments have been met by the club’s board and Florentino.

Only two players that Zidane requested have been brought to him, they are Eden Hazard and Ferland Mendy.

The other transfers are footballers that the French manager didn’t ask for, but Perez keeps micro-managing the situation from his own office.

This will reach a point of no return for ‘Zizou’, who is frankly tired of being lied to.

Zidane won’t give up on Paul Pogba.

The French manager had a very specific action plan when he came back to Real Madrid, he knew that he needed to get rid of some players who weren’t up to the team’s standard.

At the very top of his most important names of both the ones he already had and the ones he wanted, was Paul Pogba.

The Manchester United player is almost a fetish that Zidane has, there are many similarities between the two from the time ‘Zizou’ was still a player.

The coach sees a lot of his own magic with the ball at Paul’s feet, this is the major reason why he keeps pushing for his arrival.

The fact that United keeps denying the chance for their best player to leave England, has even pushed Florentino to try and sign Neymar during the last couple of weeks.

There was even a time when Pogba’s name wasn’t even mentioned in any television program throughout Spain, but everybody was waiting for the final week.

The collective plan is to push for the player’s exit as hard as they can, these next five days will be key in order to convince Manchester United to lower their price.

Paul’s position is very straight forward, as he doesn’t want to leave in bad terms from a club that has given him everything and he won’t push for his exit.

Perez thinks that Pogba should make a greater effort to leave his current club, the player thinks the exact same thing about the Real Madrid president.

Zidane appears as the only figure who has the power to change everything, but he doesn’t appear like an experienced negotiator to anybody.

In fact, ‘Zizou’ has a poor track record when it comes to convincing players to move to his squad.

Back in 2017 when he was at the peak of his powers, the French manager allegedly dined at Kylian Mbappe’s house a number of times and he still wasn’t able to convince the young player.

PSG came to take Kylian from under Zidane’s nose, and Los Blancos missed out on a unique opportunity.

The situation with Pogba is very similar, the Real Madrid manager seems very shy when he is trying to get his point across and this has become a huge problem in order to make his wishes come true.

Florentino Perez will hold on to the very last minutes of the transfer window deadline, he may give the Pogba situation one last push.

It’s more ideal for the president to make an offer as soon as possible, but he doesn’t want to leave United any room to sit on this only offer that he may make.

One thing is for sure though, Real Madrid won’t be complete until they get to sign Paul Pogba.

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