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Opinion: Real Madrid shouldn’t consider Mourinho’s return

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Despite what’s being reported in the Spanish media lately, we really don’t see any reason why Jose Mourinho should return to Real Madrid any time soon.

Now that Real Madrid seems to be imploding with their latest results, suddenly it’s okay for Jose Mourinho to be shamelessly offering himself to coach Los Blancos again next summer as if he had left without leaving any enemies behind.

Granted, president Florentino Perez still respects the Portuguese manager too much to say no to him but that doesn’t mean the players are keen on having him back in the squad anytime soon.

There are still several footballers in the squad that really don’t have a fond memory of Jose Mourinho, the man really behaved like a tyrant towards many of them and his determination to end the social media life of all his players is one of the main reasons that everybody seems to hate him eventually.

Maybe it wasn’t clear but Jose Mourinho really hates the players who want to lead a normal life that is connected with the modern world, he doesn’t even make the effort to understand these players and he made sure they became his enemies before leaving all the clubs he coached.

The latest example is Manchester United, where he made players like Paul Pogba or Jesse Lingard enemies of the club, but the fans didn’t fall for his plans and they all decided that he was the one who had to leave.


A manager who refuses to evolve alongside the modern world is a manager who doesn’t deserve to coach at the highest level, Jose Mourinho still hasn’t understood this and he will have several problems with the younger player in any club he manages from now on.

Perhaps the more serious seat like a national team could be the answer, coaching a country seems like a more serious endeavor for an outdated man such as Jose Mourinho and even the player take it more seriously.

Real Madrid is a very different beast, the players already know what to expect from Mou and he will not break against any one of them regardless of how much power they have inside the club.

We even daresay that any player who already doesn’t like Jose Mourinho would rather quit the squad before they get managed by the Portuguese manager again.

If president Florentino Perez decides to bring Jose back to the squad, he better be ready to let some of his best players leave because they are not willing to go through hell with a man who doesn’t really understand most of them.

This is no longer a matter of only winning or losing trophies, this is also a matter of getting to put together a whole group of players with vastly different personalities and make it work.


The biggest issue here is not the urgency that Real Madrid has to get a new manager, it’s Jose Mourinho’s inability to realize that he will make the exact same mistakes in any club he coaches if he doesn’t decide to take a break from football for a little more than a year.

Getting sacked from three of the biggest clubs in the world with very similar patterns emerging after his second year in everyone of them is a major sign that he is the one who is doing something wrong.

It’s pretty alarming that Jose Mourinho still doesn’t seem to care about changing any of his traditions inside any club, all he cares about is his outdated method that has been proven not to work for the last six years.

We can paint a scenario in which Jose actually gets the Real Madrid job again, perhaps the players will get to win trophies again on the very next season but things will inevitably start to get distorted again because that’s the way he operates.

We seriously hope that Real Madrid is not really considering on signing Jose Mourinho again, they would make one of the biggest mistakes in recent memory.

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