Opinion: Real Madrid shouldn’t loan Vinicius Junior

We need to talk about the effect that Eden Hazard’s arrival could have on Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid shouldn’t let him leave on a loan.

Vinicius Junior had a tremendous debut season at Real Madrid but he will have a difficult time if he decides to stay this season, a loan could happen.

According to Diario AS, the Brazilian youngster is currently looking into his options for the future because he will have to stay on the bench now that Eden Hazard is here.

But we are siding with the school of thought that believes this player could actually play very well alongside the Belgian international and Karim Benzema.

The Brazilian player has repeatedly stated that he feels very comfortable with the Frenchman, but that may not be enough for Zidane to let him stay and play.

Vinicius has enough talent to perform alongside both Karim and Eden Hazard, he would learn a lot from both of them and improve as a player.

But Zidane has apparently made his decision to let the youngster leave on a loan, a decision still hasn’t been made but the options are varied.

The Brazilian forward was hoping that he could get a chance to play the Copa America after Neymar’s latest injury, but manager ‘Tite’ chose Willian instead of him.

The young forward will have to watch the tournament from his home in Brazil, he will also have to wait for his future to settle.

Vinicius chooses Benzema over Messi or Ronaldo.

One of the aspects that Vinicius Junior has completely controlled are his public appearances and statements.

Every single time he speaks to the press about anything, he always tries to offer the most politically correct response that doesn’t hurt Real Madrid’s interests.

Vinicius just appeared on a Brazilian talk show and he was questioned about his preferences, the person who was asking the questions asked him about the player he preferred between Messi and Ronaldo.

They also asked him about his favorite players ever. The young player offered the political response first, then he mentioned who was his favorite Brazilian player of all time.

“Playing against Barcelona is always different. The whole world knows Messi is one of the best ever”,” said Vinicius during the interview.

“Messi or Ronaldo? That’s a tough one”, he added.

“I’ve never played with them so I can’t say. As of today, I’d choose Benzema. Along with Neymar Ronaldinho is my other favorite player of all time”.

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid

I don’t see Zidane finding a solution: Mijatovic

According to the former Real Madrid forward, Pedja Mijatovic, Los Blancos coach Zinedine Zidane will suffer a lot in this second era at the club.

How Eden Hazard’s arrival will affect Vinicius.

Before Eden Hazard’s arrival was confirmed, we believed that Zinedine Zidane would have no problem leaving Vinicius in the squad.

Now that we’ve confirmed that the Belgium international is a new Real Madrid player, there have been reports of Zidane approving the youngster to leave on a loan.

Los Blancos are well-known for letting some of their youngest stars leave to other clubs in Europe, this is exclusively related to the intention of helping them develop as professionals.

Florentino Perez wanted Vinicius to remain at the club because he paid €50 million for his transfer to Flamengo, but Zidane doesn’t seem to care about that.

The French manager has Eden Hazard on his side now, which means that he is planning to form the team around his new ‘Galactico’.

This situation leaves Vinicius with very few options for his future, mainly because Zidane plans on signing at least two more offensive players for the squad.

If the Brazilian wants to play more often at this stage of his career, the best option for him will be to leave the club on a loan.

However, we are convinced that Vinicius Junior is a unique talent who will fit perfectly in Zidane’s squad if the manager decides to give him a chance to shine.

We believe that Eden Hazard will even benefit from Vinicius’ presence in the starting XI but we can tell Zidane can’t see that yet.

For the French manager, this young Brazilian talent still lacks the experience that he wants from all his players.

Vinicius will stay on the bench if he decides to stay, but that would be a terrible mistake from Zidane.

What should Vinicius do, stay at Real Madrid or leave on a loan? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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