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Opinion: Real Madrid will make a mistake by selling James

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Looks like there is no turning back around, Real Madrid will make a huge mistake by selling James Rodriguez to either Napoli or Atletico Madrid.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Napoli or Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid is making a huge mistake by selling James Rodriguez.

The Colombian playmaker is one of a kind when we are talking about a left playmaker, there aren’t many of those sprinkled throughout football history.

Just because Zinedine Zidane doesn’t like him, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be a part of the Real Madrid squad.

Not having Cristiano Ronaldo means that Los Blancos can’t afford the luxury of passing on players as talented as James.

Florentino Perez should give this a long time to reconsider, James Rodriguez is a player who generated rumors of Napoli possibly bringing back its mythical number ’10’ shirt just to please him.

Even if this is nothing more than a rumor, a player who generated that kind of excitement is exactly the type of player that Real Madrid should want on their side.

But Zidane’s still seems to prefer other players such as Lucas Vazquez or Marco Asensio over James Rodriguez.

As we enter the new era of the “super clubs” that have several world-class players on their attack, not having James at least on the bench is a terrible mistake made by Real Madrid.

Florentino Perez doesn’t want the player and yet he is asking €80 million for him, it’s almost as if they wanted Rodriguez to suffer.

Granted, the offer from SSC Napoli is nowhere near what Real Madrid wants as the Italian squad is asking for a loan during the first year.

Nobody is certain of how reliable signing James Rodriguez will be, but the player could find the opening in the most unlikely scenario.

Atletico Madrid is the reported other destination for James, a club where poetic justice could take place.

Just imagine a scenario where James ended up with the Colchoneros and getting the chance to silence the naysayers.

This is the exact reason we believe that Los Blancos would make an awful mistake if they sold James Rodriguez, especially to Atletico Madrid.

On one side, selling him to Napoli means they won’t have a world-class player at least on the bench.

On the other side, selling him to the Colchoneros means they would arm one of their biggest rivals with one of the best players on the market right now.

We don’t get why Zidane doesn’t see how keeping James is a far better idea than keeping other players who are currently in the squad.

There are only two managers who could get the best out of this player, those names are Carlo Ancelotti and Diego Simeone.

Real Madrid would literally help in James’ career-revival if they sold him to either of those clubs.

What does James need in order to return to his best?

It is very well known that James Rodriguez hasn’t performed with his club at the same level he has done it with his national team.

There is a very clear contract between his performances in both squads, there is something that he is missing when he performs outside of his comfort zone.

The best performances we got from him at Real Madrid were during the Carlo Ancelotti years, he was a manager who completely understood James’ style of play.

Moving to Atletico would be a very new and different challenge for the Colombian player, he would have to practice under Diego Simeone.

There is no question about it, James’ best football would come while wearing the Atletico Madrid jersey.

We all know how much ‘Cholo’ Simeone likes to push his players to the limit, he is missing a playmaker as talented as James and his recent indiscipline problems won’t matter if he plays for Atletico.

The Argentine manager has a very special talent to motivate even the most chaotic players, such as Diego Costa or Arda Turan.

James is nowhere near the level of indiscipline compared to other players, which means he will fall in line faster than the others.

The worst mistake Real Madrid can make, is selling James to Atletico Madrid.

Which of James destinations would hurt Real Madrid the most, Napoli or Atletico Madrid? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.