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Opinion: Real Madrid will struggle this season in Europe

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We need to discuss the many problems that Real Madrid will have throughout the upcoming season in European football under Zidane.

After a truly disastrous final week of the summer transfer window, we can already predict that Zinedine Zidane will have a difficult time in Europe as the Real Madrid boss this season.

The French manager’s initial plan was pretty straight forward when he spoke to Florentino about his return.

The idea was to keep the club’s chairman as far away from his decision-making as possible, but Perez really can’t keep it in his pants.

Asking Florentino to stay away from micromanaging Real Madrid is like asking Neymar to stay away from parties, the two simply don’t mix.

But Zidane blindly trusted his president, he truly believed that he would have complete control of the club and an open wallet like the old days.

Perez had different plans though, his vision had a lot more to do with keeping the club’s economy safe because his energy is truly focused on the club’s new stadium.

Anybody who says otherwise is lying to themselves, Real Madrid’s massive plans for the new Santiago Bernabeu is worth nearly half a billion euros.

If Perez spent those €200 million for Paul Pogba, his whole project would’ve crumbled down like a house of cards.

The chairman always thinks about the club’s economy first, something that is not wrong but it doesn’t get along with Zidane’s overall plan.

The French manager was very clear from the beginning, his central piece of the puzzle was Paul Pogba.

If this player didn’t come to Real Madrid during the summer, Zinedine Zidane couldn’t guarantee that Los Blancos would compete for any title. This handicap is already showing in the first games of the season.

Despite being able to buy Eden Hazard and Ferland Mendy as Zidane’s request, Real Madrid still needs a player such as Paul Pogba in order to function properly this season.

We know that many Merengue fans will come out against us to defend that the squad they have is already competitive, but many of those players are seasoned veterans.

Florentino could’ve at least signed another midfielder to cover Pogba’s position while the Frenchman completes his transfer next season, but that option fell apart as well.

The truth of the matter is that Perez wasn’t even willing to make a major investment for Paul Pogba, he told Zidane that he would but he lied.

This is the moment in which the manager is already starting to doubt his place within the institution, he will seriously consider his role as the coach from this moment forward.

There is no way that Zidane will jeopardize his reputation any longer for a board of directors as inconsiderate as this one, he was wrong to risk it by returning to the club.

Pogba might still come in the winter.

There is a small possibility that Paul Pogba can still sign a new contract with Real Madrid before this season is over, it can still happen in the winter transfer window.

The French player’s deal expires in June 2021, which means that he can leave as a free agent exactly a year prior to that.

Manchester United would obviously want to get some money for their most expensive player ever if they decided to sell him, which means they have to negotiate for him during the winter.

The other option is that Paul can renew his existing contract as a goodwill gesture, and then complete his move to Real Madrid next summer for an important sum of money.

However, this deal is still difficult to predict because Pogba isn’t happy with the way things went this summer.

The player is utterly disappointed with United’s owners, a group of people who only seem to care about getting money from the club and never gave a damn about the institution.

Manchester United sold most of their best players this summer without signing any replacements, this leaves all the pressure on stars like Pogba for this season.

If Manchester United doesn’t fix this problem, Paul could easily walk without caring about the club during the winter transfer window.

One thing is for sure though, Real Madrid will struggle quite a bit during the first half of the season without him.

Where will Real Madrid end up after the first half of the season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.