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Opinion: Real Madrid’s poor season is not Zidane’s fault

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We need to talk about the reasons we believe that Zinedine Zidane is not guilty of Real Madrid’s latest bad results during the end of the season.

Real Madrid is completing one of the worst seasons in recent history, there seems to be a feeling this is Zidane’s fault.

We have seen how the French manager felt that things weren’t going to work out at the end of last season and decided to jump ship right in time.

The manager is smart even with his reading of the situation, he knew that the players simply didn’t want to keep performing as they did over the last three years.

Zidane’s only mistake this season was to actually come back when he did, this will only affect his immaculate image with the fans.

+But the supporters need to keep one thing clear, this isn’t Zinedine Zidane’s fault and the players are the only ones responsible for this mess.

Oh, right!

Florentino Perez is also a major reason why Los Blancos are currently suffering so much, the president has made some terrible decisions over the last year but nobody dares to criticize him.

Zinedine Zidane knew that accepting this job back would bring him too many headaches to bear, but he still did it because he owes his club success mostly to Real Madrid.

The results Los Blancos have gotten in recent weeks under the French manager have been below what everybody expected.

The press vs Zidane.

Just like that and as if people didn’t have a memory, the press is already coming after Zinedine Zidane’s achievements as a manager.

Winning three consecutive Champions League trophies doesn’t seem to be enough for anybody to show him some respect.

There is a major part of the press from Spain that does everything they can in order to criticize Zidane, they consider he is the one responsible for everything that’s happening to Real Madrid.

This narrative could affect a part of the fans, but we are here to help them realize what the truth really is.

‘Zizou’ doesn’t have to worry too much about the results that Los Blancos are getting lately, the French manager has a very different task ahead of him.

It all starts with the many players that he decides to cut from the squad next season, a challenge that the boss decided to take head-on when he spoke to Florentino Perez about returning.

The coach himself revealed that he agreed to come back under the condition that he would be allowed to make the changes he deemed necessary.

But not even those decisions are being respected by the press, there are some individuals that just want Zidane to fail.

The fight with Gareth Bale is Zidane’s biggest challenge.

Out of all the tasks that Zinedine Zidane has ahead of him, perhaps the most daunting one is the challenge he has of pushing Gareth Bale out of the squad.

The Welsh international simply didn’t seem to accept that the French manager returned to the club and he seems hell-bent on making his life miserable.

Bale keeps telling his closest circle that he has all the intention to stay at the club when the French manager clearly doesn’t want him there.

With over two years left on his contract and a wage of €17 million per season, Gareth Bale wants to get his revenge and he seems willing to sit on the bench for the rest of his days at the club until he can leave for free.

All of this just because he doesn’t get along with Zinedine Zidane, Gareth seems willing to turn the whole fan base against him just because of a whim.

This seems like the most difficult part of Zidane’s job to renew the squad, Bale will pose a major threat to his results if he doesn’t reach an agreement with the Wales international.

What do you think about Zinedine Zidane’s decision to return to Real Madrid, was it rash? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.