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Opinion: Real Madrid’s week started as awful as predicted

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After a painful defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu, we take a look at the terrible manner Real Madrid started their biggest week. 

We’ve been talking about Real Madrid’s most challenging week in recent years, they started as awful as we predicted. Today was the perfect moment for Zinedine Zidane to prove that Los Blancos don’t really miss Cristiano Ronaldo.

They were facing Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in one of the most exciting managerial confrontations in recent times. The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium was ready to get behind all the players that were available to play this evening.

‘Zizou’ had a difficult task ahead of him with some key players currently off the team with serious injuries. Eden Hazard just picked up a fresh ankle problem that might’ve ended his current season with the club. But Los Blancos are the most successful club in football history. They can’t make any excuses.

They needed to play with the footballers they had at their disposal. Guardiola knew this was an ideal opportunity for his team to deliver a massive blow to Los Blancos.

This was the night in which Manchester City could make history. The night they could take the next step towards their attempt to win their first UEFA Champions League in history. Getting a victory at this stadium wouldn’t come easy, but they were at least going to try. 

Guardiola’s dominance on the pitch. 

We honestly didn’t expect Real Madrid to get dominated as much as they were against Pep Guardiola’s players. The tiki-taka style came to lay waste on Los Blancos’ defense this evening for the supporters’ dismay.

We can’t stress enough how much the Merengue fans hate this style of play that doesn’t agree with their philosophy. Guardiola represents all that, and they were not happy after the final whistle.

The Manchester City players completely dominated the game through and through. Zidane’s side only chances to score goals were during the transition periods as they recovered the ball.

Casemiro and Toni Kroos struggled too much during the game, they couldn’t overcome Manchester City’s presence. As you all know, the risk in tiki-taka comes when Guardiola’s teams touch the ball too close from their box.

This is how Real Madrid drew first blood during the second half. Isco scored the opener after Vinicius assisted him from the left flank, but this was a moment of good fortune for Los Blancos.

Manchester City was far superior to Los Blancos, it was a matter of time before City scored the first goal of the evening. 

Zidane did his best with what he had. 

We can’t blame the Spanish giants for this defeat. Having such a limited squad isn’t anybody’s fault. Plus, they were facing a fresh Manchester City with most of their players fit to perform at the Bernabeu.

This was a recipe for disaster from the beginning of the week. Los Blancos can’t remain stuck on this defeat, they need to resume work in order to prepare for El Clasico.

We can’t forget that this same squad is facing FC Barcelona at the Bernabeu next weekend. Lucky for them. The Blaugrana are also going through a difficult time right now.

We will have a much more competitive game between the two biggest clubs in Spanish football. As far as the return leg in Manchester goes, Zidane is in deep trouble.

Getting eliminated from this competition would jeopardize his future at Real Madrid, the media will start talking about his replacement right after.

Things don’t look promising for the next match, it could be another disaster. If things go terribly wrong during El Clasico. We might be looking at one of Zidane’s last games as the club’s manager. 

Does Real Madrid have a chance against Barcelona next weekend? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.