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Opinion: Riquelme is the most humble footballer in history

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On the day of his birthday, we need to discuss Juan Roman Riquelme’s simple outlook in life and reflect on how humble he was as a player.

Juan Roman Riquelme turns 41 years of age today, his life as a professional is one of the most celebrated in Argentine football because of how humble he was.

There are countless tales of Roman talking to fans and telling them to not revere him as much as they still do, he never liked that legend status that he obviously has.

This man’s greatness can be resumed to how amazing his talent was with the ball at his feet, he’s been retired for a few years now and football sorely misses him.

Roman often talks about how weird he finds to watch himself on the television, he thinks the player doing all those flicks and tricks is someone else.

There was one time when he asked a fan to not idolize him so much because he was nothing more than a simple football player.

This austerity in his lifestyle is exactly what brought him so much success, Juan Roman Riquelme keeps the same outlook in life even after he retired.

However, there is no denying that as he grows into an old man, Roman will keep bringing a rich philosophy in football that very few wise men have in this beautiful game.

On the day of his birthday, we remember one of the latest interviews he offered as a retired player.

“I believe people don’t really change. I was born in a neighborhood where I had everything I always needed, but I also never had any luxuries,” said Riquelme to Enganche.

“That neighborhood gave me all the dreams that I never imagined would come true because I didn’t have the means to fulfill them.”

“I lead a good life today, I have everything I need and I can help many of the ones who helped fulfill my dreams.”

“I am one of the people who think nobody ever changes, people show their true self when they have money in their pocket.”

“That’s why I hope I can be the same person I’ve always been. In order to treat the ball well, you have to like the ball first. You have to like it a lot.”

“Then, my opinion is that a professional player needs to know how to receive the ball and pass it properly. It’s not too much to ask.”

“This is what people need to know in order to play football. Ironically, I think this doesn’t happen that often.”

“Sometimes we can think that players reach professional status without being prepared and that is very worrisome.”

“I never really learned how to control the ball. I still haven’t. I always tried to improve that. I used to stay after training to practice that.”

“During the sessions, I used to grab a ball I didn’t control with my hand and let the rival have it as if I’d lost the ball. I used to lose my temper when I couldn’t control it,” he concluded.

Riquelme is still very passionate about football.

Even though he is retired and enjoying his life after an incredible career, Juan Roman Riquelme confessed that he still loves football.

He watches games on a daily basis, which reflects how much he truly loves the sport.

When asked about his life as a professional, Roman confessed that he loved his career but he is happy with making the decision to retire.

However, he does confess that life as a footballer goes by pretty quick.

The star remembers his time inside the pitch with fondness, but he does look at it as something that happened in a past life.

We all miss those days when Boca Juniors was playing the Copa Libertadores, we all knew that primer Riquelme would destroy defenders and leave a moment that would stop time.

Perhaps a nutmeg or one of those amazing free-kicks, football lost one of the biggest ambassadors when he decided to retire.

We will keep missing Riquelme because he made us all happy. Roman made the ball smile, he changed Boca Juniors’ history forever as well.

The fans from this club even regard Riquelme in a more privileged position than Diego Maradona as an idol for this institution.

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