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Opinion: Romelu Lukaku was simply unlucky at Man United

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After looking at how well his adaptation is going at Internazionale Milano, we think Romelu Lukaku was unlucky at Man United.

The memory of Romelu Lukaku scoring that ridiculous goal against Chelsea in the FA Cup seems like it happened age ago, that gave him the ticket to play at Man United.

There was a promise that this Belgian ‘tank’ would become the ideal striker for the Red Devils from the very first minute he started playing for them.

However, this promise was never fulfilled and Lukaku was considered a massive failure at the squad.

We just wrote about some of Manchester United’s biggest failures who come from South America, but we wouldn’t include Lukaku if this list was also composed by European players.

We are convinced that Romelu wasn’t given the chances he required to succeed at the club, he was also constantly pressed by the fans because he didn’t have great nights with the squad in the most recent years.

We can already see this player scoring many goals in Serie A for Inter, manager Antonio Conte will try to get that same Lukaku who scored the goal we previously mentioned to the Italian squad.

We know this player is strong enough to beat all defenders from the Italian Calcio, all he needs are the proper opportunities.

Contrary to how things worked out at Man United, Lukaku won’t have to compete with too many strikers in order to play this time around.

He will be an integral part of the squad and he will even form an attacking duo with Lautaro Martinez this season.

Romelu Lukaku is a proven talent, he already gave us a hint of what the can do with his national team as well.

The man suffered a large amount of abuse during his time with the Red Devils, he was mocked for his weight and he was also being constantly criticized for his lack of agility on the pitch.

The player remained silent despite all the abuse during his time at Man United, but he recently responded to all his critics by posting a picture of his shredded physique.

Despite all the internet trolls, the Inter striker’s biggest issue was that he always felt like a scapegoat during his time with the Red Devils.

“They have to find somebody. It is Pogba, it is me or it is Alexis. It’s the three of us all the time. For me, I just see it in many ways,” said Lukaku via The Mirror.

“I think a lot of stuff has been said, where I didn’t feel protected. A lot of rumors, ‘Rom is going to go there, they don’t want Rom’ and nobody came out and shot it down.”

“A lot of people don’t think I should be part of that system,” Lukaku added.

“That’s my feeling from the conversations that I have, I just know. For me, the thing that makes me laugh a lot is… how the hell is s*** going bad in my team, but when I play in my national team, it’s good? And I’m happy.”

Lukaku needed a new start somewhere else.

After going through so much disrespect at Manchester United, Lukaku really needed to look for a new motivation in his career.

He could’ve stayed at the club if he wanted to, but he already explained that the club failed to protect him as he needed.

With his statements, the Belgian player uncovered the biggest problem that is currently happening at Manchester United.

There are people at the very top of the club that don’t understand the tradition, the Alex Ferguson days are long gone.

This club doesn’t feel like a family anymore, the business side of things has completely taken over and the players are the first ones to suffer the consequences.

Romelu Lukaku was the first one to leave this summer, but more players will follow his lead in the next couple of years until United can solve this institutional crisis.

This goes all the way to the top, the main culprits of this are the Glazer family and Ed Woodward.

These people are the ones who need to leave the club, this chaos will continue for many years if they don’t decide to step aside.

Which other players could suffer the same fate as Lukaku at Man United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.