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Opinion: Ronaldinho was more talented than both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Barcelona v Real Sociedad
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Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? No, when it comes to talent, Ronaldinho Gaucho is the king of football.

Ronaldinho was one of the most loved players in football back in the days. No matter which club you support, watching the talented Brazilian play made you want to become a footballer, a footballer exactly like him.

He was gifted with something special, his skills and his ability with the ball were simply amazing, a real joy to watch for everyone who loved the beautiful game. Ronaldinho made football look easy, he floated through matches doing as he pleased, always smiling.

The Brazilian, inside, was not a professional footballer, but a kid from Porto Alegre that just wanted to have fun. He would take the ball and whatever he wants with it, sometimes even humiliating opponents with his dribbling skills and technical ability.

Ronaldinho was a kind of football artist. The fact that he received a standing ovation at the Bernabeu, representing Real Madrid’s bitter rivals Barcelona says enough for his way of playing football.

He also played futsal as a kid, a five-a-side game of football that’s played on a smaller court, which helped him develop the close control and quick footwork that he was to be associated with later on.

When you look back at his career, Ronaldinho didn’t do bad at all. He won the World Cup and Copa America with Brazil and guided Barcelona to La Liga and Champions League double in 2006.

‘Dinho’ became the best player in the world without looking like he was even trying. And maybe he wasn’t. Known as a person who loves to party, Ronaldinho did not really live the life of a sportsman.

He began to miss training sessions with frightening frequency and was often caught at 3 AM inside nightclubs. The Brazilian didn’t take proper care of himself, and that’s the main reason why he didn’t enjoy the career longevity that his sublime talent suggests he should have.

Comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, in terms of individual achievements, Ronaldinho is way behind them. However, in our opinion, the Brazilian was more talented than both football’s greatest players.

He was natural with the ball, just wasn’t serious enough. If Ronaldinho had Cristiano Ronaldo’s work rate and hunger for success, we believe he would have been absolutely unstoppable.

However, the Brazilian will always be remembered as a football icon, the man who made ‘the beautiful game’ even more beautiful.

What do you think about Ronaldinho Gaucho? One of the greatest ever or the biggest waste of football talent? Share your opinion in the comment section below.