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Opinion: Ronaldo played his best match for Juventus

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After a thrilling match between Juventus and Internazionale Milano, we can already tell you that Ronaldo was at his best.

Vintage Ronaldo from Man United was the best we all remember, we didn’t think we would see that again until last Sunday when Juventus beat Inter.

That player from the Red Devils who dared to create new dribbles and play at first touch was present at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on Sunday.

Despite being 34 years of age already, we could enjoy the most slippery Ronaldo that we could remember and the fans were loving him.

Even the Inter supporters were surprised by this version of the star, he truly got committed against Antonio Conte’s Inter.

When he even got to score a goal, the whole build-up to the end was spectacular, he combined with Paulo Dybala in a beautiful moment.

Unfortunately, the number ’10’ was offside when Ronaldo passed the ball at the Argentine first and the goal was disallowed.

Just minutes before that, Cristiano sent a potent shot straight to the bar and he made all the Inter players tremble with fear.

If this is the same version of the player that we will get throughout the season, you can already sign us up for the rest of it.

We all missed this version of Ronaldo, he finally understood that he can’t play in the same manner that he did at Real Madrid.

Things at Juventus are not as easy as they were for Los Blancos, Cristiano needs to make a greater effort with the Italians.

Ronaldo has always been the top player of any club he’s ever represented, but he’s had a different role in every single one of them.

When he played at Manchester United, Cristiano was the most important player during his last three seasons and he performed as such.

This was a winger who always loved cutting to the middle from the right, and he was used to sharing the spotlight with his teammates on the attack.

The final two years were slightly different, as Sir Alex Ferguson allowed him to get more involved in the goal-scoring aspect of the equation.

When he moved to Real Madrid, Ronaldo understood that he needed to evolve his football and adapt it to Los Blancos.

Contrary to what he did at Manchester United, Cristiano didn’t need to create many goals this time as he had teammates to would help him score them.

As a result of this drastic change in his position, we got the most prolific version of the player that we could ever remember.

This change was completely necessary as he also needed to compete with Lionel Messi, his decision helped create the most important rivalry in sports history.

This new position went on for nearly a decade, but Ronaldo was required to modify his playing style once again.

The time came for him to realize that Italian football was very different from Spanish football, he finally understood the changes he needed to make last Sunday.

Juventus’ Ronaldo is similar to Manchester United’s Ronaldo.

Fortunately for the fans, the modifications that Cristiano Ronaldo needed to make were aligned to the limitations that Juventus has as a club.

We could see the first signs of these limitations last season in the UEFA Champions League, Ronaldo was too involved on a system that kept him inside the box.

Manager Massimiliano Allegri needed to rely on Ronaldo playing closer to the goalkeeper, without realizing his mistake.

Having a player as versatile as Cristiano inside such a limited squad would only work until a certain point.

Granted, Ronaldo did eliminate Atletico Madrid through his goals but that wouldn’t always work.

When Juventus met a true collective such as AFC Ajax, Cristiano barely even touched the ball because he was away from the action.

For the new season, Maurizio Sarri understood Ronaldo’s real value and he allowed the star to play outside of the box with spectacular results.

He’s been practicing this familiar position all season, and his best performance finally came on Sunday.

This is a more liberated Ronaldo who can help out his teammates in whatever he can do best, he didn’t need to score goals in order to be influential.

This is the best version we’ve seen from Cristiano at Juventus, we all hope we can get to see more of this during the rest of the season.

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