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Opinion: Ronaldo will leave if Juventus finish fifth in Serie A

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We are here to tell you Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely leave if Juventus doesn’t play the Champions League by next season. 

With Napoli’s win today, Cristiano Ronaldo is in danger of not playing the Champions League with Juventus next season. As things stand right now after 33 matches in Serie A, Juventus has 66 points just like Napoli and AC Milan. However, the Rossoneri still have to play today’s match against SS Lazio. Out of all three squads, Napoli is the one that has the easier calendar with five fixtures still left to play.

AC Milan still has to play Juventus and Atalanta. The Bianconeri still have to play both clubs from Milano in the rest of the competition. If the Old Lady doesn’t win all five matches left, they will most likely miss their chance at finishing in the Top Four this season. This leaves Cristiano Ronaldo’s future completely in the air with only a few options for him to overtake. There is no way he will star in Juventus if the squad doesn’t qualify for the upcoming Champions League next season. 

Is PSG a good destination for Ronaldo? 

The more likely scenario for Juventus is the following: They will more than likely finish the season outside of the Top Four. In this case, they can’t really retain Cristiano Ronaldo because the Portuguese forward simply can’t afford to miss the Champions League. As he goes through his veteran years, Cristiano already feels he wasted some of his better years trying to win the tournament while playing in Italy.

One of the most obvious choices for him to go next is Paris Saint-Germain. The French giants are one of the only places where Cristiano Ronaldo might still have a chance to win the Champions League for the sixth time in his career. According to Tuttosport, Jorge Mendes is already making contact with PSG for a potential move this summer. We still have to see if both sides reach an agreement. If Juventus doesn’t qualify for the Champions League next season, they won’t have a say in the matter.