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Opinion: Ronaldo won’t win the UEFA Champions League

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We tell you the reason we believe Cristiano Ronaldo won’t win the UEFA Champions League with Juventus this season. 

We need to address the elephant in the room, Cristiano Ronaldo might not win the UEFA Champions League this season and we’ll explain why.

Before you jump with your claws out, we are not saying that he isn’t capable of winning another one of these titles.

The Portuguese forward is known as Mr. Champions for a reason, this is his fetish competition and the one tournament that gets him excited the most.

But he’s the one who sent the first signals in recent weeks, Cristiano already told the world that he only wants to play the most important games throughout the season.

This means that Ronaldo doesn’t care about playing the games against the less important squads in Serie A, and basically none of the Coppa Italia games.

The man can already feel the age creeping through his legs, he finally realized he is not a machine and he is willing to sacrifice a few matches for the greater good.

The most evident proof that Ronaldo can’t withstand 90 minutes every three days has been looking at our face for the last couple of months.

This season hasn’t been what people expected from Ronaldo, the star has scored very few goals since all the tournaments started and he is far from the level of performance he offered at Real Madrid.

We could already see this decline last year, but we can confirm it now. 

Ronaldo didn’t finish the game against Lokomotiv. 

One of the unexpected moments of the week in European football came today between Juventus and Lokomotiv Moscow.

The Italian giants weren’t playing their best game against the Russian squad, Cristiano Ronaldo started the game on a rainy evening.

Aaron Ramsey scored the initial goal after a free-kick from the Portuguese forward was rejected by the goalkeeper.

Miranchuk quickly leveled the scoreline during the start of the game, but we had a snooze fest upon us after those two goals.

Ronaldo wasn’t able to get past defenders as easily as he used to, Maurizio Sarri already caught wind of what’s happening.

The reality is that Ronaldo is having the least prolific season since 2007, age is starting to get the best of the Portugal legend.

Just like any other player in football history before him, there comes a time when reality hits them in the face and they start to accept they are not immortal.

Perhaps Real Madrid and Florentino Perez were right to seel Ronaldo when they did, at least that’s what we are starting to gather from Cristiano’s performance on his second season in Italy.

Playing like this, there is no chance that the star will get to win his craved sixth UEFA Champions League title this year.

But there is another reason behind this low level of performance from Ronaldo, it has very little to do with his age or his actual level.

With ten minutes left on the clock, we saw an image that we don’t get to experience too much in recent years.

Maurizio Sarri decided to put Dybala on the pitch and he had to make a choice on the player that was coming off.

His decision bewildered everybody, Ronaldo couldn’t believe his eyes as he was coming off the pitch.

This proves that the star is not going through the best moment of his career at Juventus, but he is also suffering from a lack of better midfielders to help him score more goals.

During his time at Real Madrid, even veteran Ronaldo got to score more than 40 goals per season thanks to his teammates.

This Juventus side isn’t even in the same ballpark compared to Los Blancos, the Old Lady needs to sign better players who can complement Cristiano in a tournament as competitive as the UEFA Champions League.

With Ronaldo already on the bench, Juventus still got the victory after Douglas Costa scored a late winner.

However, we can bet all our money on Cristiano leaving the stadium completely unsatisfied with himself.

It’s about time he realized that this day was coming, he might not win the UEFA Champions League this season but it’s not just for his age.

Juventus doesn’t have a good enough squad to compete against the best, they qualified to the knock-out stage but their form is alarming if Ronaldo isn’t having his best day. 

Do you think Ronaldo and Juventus will win the UEFA Champions League this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.