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Opinion: Ronaldo would succeed at Juventus with Mourinho

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We give you our reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo would be successful at Juventus if he had Jose Mourinho as his new manager next season.

We recently found out a report from Gazzetta Dello Sport about Cristiano Ronaldo recommending Jose Mourinho for Juventus.

There are many aspects of this report that people don’t agree with, the relationship between the two Portuguese figures is a great first counter-argument.

The time that both of them spent at Real Madrid was not that successful, they won La Liga and Copa del Rey together and finished their relationship on a bad note.

Jose Mourinho started having problems with his players during this spell with Los Blancos, he developed a pattern in his next clubs after that.

The relationship he had with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid was seriously affected after that, both men had a massive falling out due to their philosophical differences.

However, they both share the same agent and he was the one who helped them reconcile in recent years.

They both have made praising statements about each other in recent years, Ronaldo even said that he wouldn’t mind playing under his compatriot’s orders again during his career.

This is what brings us to Cristiano’s alleged petition, one that was printed on Gazzetta Dello Sport’s Monday issue.

Ronaldo’s other options to have as his manager.

As one of the best players in football history, Cristiano Ronaldo deserves a manager who can properly lead him to win at least another Champions League.

After only one season, it was clear that Massimiliano Allegri wasn’t going to give that to Ronaldo and the club decided to make the hard decision.

The options that open to Cristiano are somewhat limited, the Italian giants don’t really have a lot to choose from.

Pretty much all of the managers that the club’s board wants to replace Allegri are working right now, there are only two real options that they have in order to make things happen.

The first one is Antonio Conte, a manager who is already familiar with Juventus and someone who has already reached a Champions League final back in 2015.

The problem here is that Cristiano Ronaldo prefers to be managed by somebody who already knows him, the star doesn’t know Antonio and he has no idea if the two of them would click.

Jose Mourinho is a very different story, we have a manager who knows Ronaldo very well and who has already won trophies with him in the past.

Despite not winning the Champions League together before, Ronaldo and Mourinho did face the best Barcelona in history together.

Mourinho needs to work on one thing first.

Although we already know what Jose Mourinho can bring to the table as the new Juventus manager, there are things he needs to fix first.

We already discussed how many problems Jose has gone through over the last few years, it all started at Real Madrid.

The Portuguese manager doesn’t seem to like the idea that players are living different lives in modern football, he hates that they pay more attention to their social media presence than their career.

Jose asking the players to drop this very lucrative aspect of their lives is simply going against the new system, he needs to get updated on the modern world.

Mourinho’s problems with his players in recent years at Chelsea or Manchester United, are more related to that frustration he has.

Although Ronaldo probably won’t give him any problems, Jose Mourinho will encounter some Juventus players who don’t agree with him.

In order to succeed at the Old Lady, it is absolutely essential for Jose Mourinho to adapt to his players and not the other way around.

Cristiano Ronaldo could actually be of great assistance to Jose Mourinho in that regard, all the Juventus players worship the star and they will listen to every suggestion he makes.

This possible reunion between the two could be historical for both, let’s hope it happens over the next few months.


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