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Opinion: Rooney can lead Derby County’s promotion

Wayne Rooney
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After only one year in the MLS, we are convinced that Wayne Rooney decided to return because he can lead Derby County’s promotion.

Derby County had a great last season under Frank Lampard, they are convinced they can have another one with Wayne Rooney this year.

The England legend made the decision to help the Rams in January as a winter transfer, but he decided to announce his deal during the summer.

As you all may already know, Rooney comes with the plan to help as a player but begin his transition into management on the same season.

However, we are completely convinced that Wayne Rooney still has a good enough level to play in the Premier League if he wanted to.

We think that he can lead Derby County to that elusive promotion to the very elite in English football, he will have the second part of the season to prove this.

The level of performance he has given us in the MLS is proof that Wayne is more than ready for this new challenge, we just feel bad that he can’t come to start the full season right now.

There is a major commitment that Rooney has with DC United, his goal is to take his current club to the MLS Playoffs like last season.

In fact, his squad is currently fighting to finish in the Top Four position of the Eastern Conference and maybe make it all the way.

From the very first matches that he played in the MLS, Wayne Rooney proved that he can still run and has the talent to take his squad to the next level.

We believe that he can still take the Rams to the Premier League next season with that same level of performance.

Although this might not be the same Wayne Rooney from previous seasons.

That explosiveness is replaced by great tactical awareness and a new role as the team’s playmaker, one that we already knew he could perform since his final days at Manchester United.

We are after all, talking about one of the greatest English players who ever lived and he is looking to maintain his name’s honor by taking on this new challenge.

Rooney revealed that the offer was too good to pass, he talked about making the transition from player to manager and he even discussed that he also thinks about his children when he made this decision.

But you can’t fool any of us Wayne! We all know you also miss the excitement of English football, there is no other country with atmospheres as hypnotizing as the ones presented in this country.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing the Championship, we know you also chose to return because you missed the fans.

We are all ready for thunderous applause when you get on the pitch in every match you play with the Rams, the whole country loves you.

Can Rooney make it as a player-manager?

This is actually the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

It’s hard to say if Wayne Rooney will be able to be successful as a player-manager, there have been very few people who accomplished this to the fullest right after retiring.

Usually, the players who become successful managers tend to take a leave of absence in order to prepare themselves for the new job.

There is only a handful of players who instantly became managers that were actually good at their job right out of the gate.

We can’t deny that this seems like a very compelling job for the legend, but he will have to put in the work if he wants to succeed like others before him did.

Making a bold prediction about Wayne Rooney as a professional manager wouldn’t be smart from our part.

All we can say at this point is one thing, the England legend does have the necessary smarts to at least give this manager’s gig a try.

We believe that what he’s shown inside the pitch during his veteran years can help him transition into the manager’s sear easier, but we can’t give you anything apart from that.

How well do you think Wayne Rooney will do as a professional manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.