Opinion: Sarri only needs to change one thing at Chelsea

After listening to Maurizio Sarri’s latest challenge to his critics, we believe that there is only one specific thing he should change at Chelsea.

It’s safe to say that after nearly one season as the new Chelsea manager, Maurizio Sarri has found several complicated obstacles that have prevented him from having a successful first experience in English football and he has been taking loads of crap from the fans due to his famous ‘Sarri-ball’ style of play.

First of all, the Italian boss never really liked people in England calling his method by that name.

Second of all, he is one of those managers who is stubborn and will never change the way he thinks in order to please the fans.

There have been repeated embarrassing moments in which Maurizio Sarri has been getting a lot of pressure from the Chelsea supporters, they are sick an tired of his style of football and are urging him to change it.

This tactic won’t work against the Italian manager, he will continue to play in this manner until the very last moment at the Blues and he will persist until he finds a sweet spot that allows him to start winning football matches with this same method.

We can already pin-point where Sarri has been making the mistake this season, but we are going to say it once again to the ones who didn’t get it the first time.

First of all, the Italian manager had to respond to questions about the fans pressing him during matches after getting bad results and he confirmed again that he isn’t planning to change anything about his method.

“At the moment we are not playing very well. We need to improve in playing our way of football,” said Sarri via Sky Sports.

“We are trying to do this but it’s not easy, especially in the first season because we started to work only in the middle of July.”

“At the beginning of August we played the first official match. Then we worked for a couple of weeks and then started to play every three days.”

“It is not easy for me to play my football. Will I change my philosophy? No, because I need to believe in what I do. Otherwise it is impossible to pass my ideas to the players.”

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“I know only one way. We have to win matches and try to win a trophy.”

“Probably we did something wrong, I don’t know what,” he added when questioned about the pressure from the supporters.

“We probably had to win more matches but we have the chance to take our target. We can arrive at the end of this season in the top four, and we can try to get to the final of the Europa League.”

“At the end, our season can become a very good one.”

After hearing how stubborn the manager has become with this style of play, we can already predict that he won’t last longer than this season if he doesn’t at least make a few modifications to his game.

We know that Maurizio Sarri married with the idea of using Jorginho as his only defensive midfielder, the gaffer has used a 4-3-3 formation throughout his whole career but he needs to understand that having N’Golo Kante and not playing him on his natural position just because he wanted to bring Jorginho is the biggest mistake he’s made during his time at Chelsea.

The French midfielder has proved repeatedly that he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, two consecutive Premier League titles and the previous World Cup are a testament of how essential Kante has become to all his squads.

We have a feeling that Sarri won’t listen to our suggestion and he will continue using N’Golo as a winger, which is why we think that he will get sacked by next season just because he remained stubborn and refused to adapt to the best players he had on his roster.

We can assure you that Jorginho is not a better defensive midfielder than Kante, Maurizio Sarri is blind if he believes this.

Why do you think Maurizio Sarri keeps using N’Golo Kante as a winger instead of his natural position? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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