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Opinion: Serge Gnabry absolutely loves playing in London

Serge Gnabry, London
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It’s official, we will tell you all about the motivation behind Serge Gnabry’s performances in London this season. 

The memory of Serge Gnabry running riot at Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium in North London is still fresh. Back in October, the German winger scored four goals in Bayern’s historic 2-7 victory against the Spurs.

During that night, the star reminded Tottenham of his past as a Gunner. That North London rivalry took on a whole new meaning after that evening.

Serge has been playing great football this season for Bayern Munich. He may not be the most important player for his club this season, but he is an amazing compliment.

Robert Lewandowski loves having Gnabry next to him this season. Many of his goals came after a combination with the German star. Manager Hans Flick knows that Gnabry is arguably one of the best wingers in German football right now.

The coach is also aware of the special motivation he gets when he plays in London. This is the reason that playing him at Stamford Bridge this evening was so important. Serge was bound to be a key element against the Blues.

Frank Lampard wasn’t even aware of this danger that Gnabry posed to his defense, he was only worried about Lewandowski. 

The credit goes to Arsene Wenger.

Manager Arsene Wenger was the man who brought Serge Gnabry to Arsenal when he was still the Gunners’ manager. There was a time when this player wasn’t considered amongst the club’s biggest prospects.

But doubting Wenger’s eye to spot talent was always a terrible idea. The French boss is legendary for the many players he signed when they were still young.

There are also many players who rejected Arsenal and eventually became world-class superstars. This talent to spot great players is a power that turns Wenger into some sort of a prophet. It’s the same with Serge Gnabry.

Tonight’s performance is the living proof that Arsene should still be part of any football club in European football. Hopefully, the Frenchman makes the decision to return to the game in the near future.

We all miss his intellect and decision-making skills surrounding the game. The Arsenal supporters joke about Arsene purposely selling Serge to Bayern Munich with an ulterior motive.

They talk about Serge coming back to London to become the stuff of nightmares for the rest of the clubs in the city. 

Bayern Munich is a title contender. 

With Serge Gnabry’s elite performance this evening at Stamford Bridge. Bayern Munich should be considered a title contender. The UEFA Champions League has Liverpool as the top club to win the competition this season.

But there hadn’t been another club in Europe that could compete against the Reds this season until today. Bayern Munich’s dominance against Chelsea was the proof we needed that the Bavarian squad has everything to compete for the title.

Serge Gnabryplayed for 85 minutes and left the pitch with a standing ovation from the Chelsea fans. He and Robert Lewandowski are a lethal duo that can accomplish great things this season.

Any other club in the continent should be scared to face both Serge and Robert in the remains of the knock-out stages. There is a good chance they would end up victorious against 90% of the opposition.

London is red again. Just like Gnabry wrote on his tweet last year after beating the Spurs North of the city. 

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