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Opinion: Sergio Ramos clearly doesn’t like Jose Mourinho

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We still don’t know what Sergio Ramos’ problem with Jose Mourinho was, but we can tell that the defender doesn’t like the manager. 

Jose Mourinho is one of the best football managers of the last 20 years, but that still doesn’t give him any credit with Sergio Ramos.

The Real Madrid captain clearly doesn’t like the Portuguese manager, he’s dissed him every chance he gets.

The latest moment in which he clearly rejected the idea of being coached by Mourinho again, came on Monday ahead of Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League match against Galatasaray.

Sergio was questioned about the possibility of the Portuguese manager taking Zinedine Zidane’s place if the Frenchman gets the sack.

The response from the captain demonstrates that he isn’t happy with the way things ended between him and Jose.

To those to don’t remember, Ramos was one of the players that ended in bad terms with Mourinho before he left.

Something clearly happened before Florentino decided to sack the coach, he became enemies with several other players from the squad.

There have been several times in the past where Ramos rejects the idea of Mourinho coming back to Real Madrid, we can even make a count of the many times in which he’s publicly rejected the manager.

Although he may talk about respecting the manager in turn, there is no question that Sergio clearly doesn’t like Mourinho. If only we knew what happened between the two. 

Ramos’ quotes against Jose Mourinho. 

We will start with today’s quote, which came after a journalist asked him if he would accept Jose Mourinho as the new manager.

“I am nobody to say which manager comes and who doesn’t,” said Ramos to the press. 

“Do you really think us captains decide which manager comes to Real Madrid? We’ve been five years without Mou and you still talk about him because he is a character who gives you so much marketing.”

“There are different ways to discipline players. I believe it would be easier for Zidane to continue with us until the end of the season and that way we wouldn’t have any debates. He deserves respect.”

“We are all with Zidane despite the previous results. Talking about managers is to disrespect our own.”

“We need to keep our feet on the ground because we know how long this season still is,” said Ramos during a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s match.

When Antonio Conte was also being mentioned to take the job, Ramos didn’t like the idea of having another disciplinarian as a manager.

The captain could’ve simply said anything different but he wanted to send Mourinho a new message.

“Respect is something you earn, you don’t impose it,” said Ramos earlier in 2018.

“We’ve won everything with managers you already know, the dressing room’s management is more important than the technical knowledge a manager has.” 

But Sergio’s digs at Jose Mourinho go way back, he does it in a subtle manner but you can still tell he doesn’t like the Portuguese manager.

During April of 2018, Ramos said the following: “Real Madrid’s manager will always be questioned,” said the captain. 

“I spent seven years without winning the Champions League here and some of those managers didn’t even get criticized.”

“When ‘Zizou’ has to make a wager, he goes for it because he is the boss. We are very happy for having him leading this team,” said Sergio.

But the most recalled dig at Mou came during 2017, when Real Madrid was about to face Manchester United in the European Supercup against the Portuguese manager.

“He’s been one more manager in my career. Just like every other manager, I even learned something good as a youth when I played for Sevilla. I also learned good things with him but I don’t think he changed my life in football or anything like that,” he added.

Mourinho’s response after such a dig was just as swift: “When I came to Madrid, Sergio Ramos had never played the Champions League’s quarterfinals,” responded Mou.

Perhaps we will never know what really happened between Sergio Ramos and Jose Mourinho, but we can tell there is some bad blood in there.

If the Portuguese manager came to Real Madrid, there is a good chance that Ramos would oppose to the new manager.

We might never know what really happened, but it sure is fun watching them go after each other. 

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