Opinion: Sergio Ramos has betrayed the Real Madrid fans

Let’s analyze the cartoonish press conference that Sergio Ramos gave last Thursday, the one in which he flat out lied to the press.

The last couple of days have been a complete disaster for Sergio Ramos and his environment, the Spanish defender has betrayed the trust of many Real Madrid fans.

The Sevilla product is arguably considered one of the biggest symbols of the club but he played a similar card that Cristiano Ronaldo played last summer.

As soon as he realized how hard he screwed up with many of the fans, the player attempted to come out and fix his monumental mess in a cartoonish press conference.

This version of Sergio Ramos that we saw on Thursday is very much in line with the cartoon version that many media outlets have portrayed of him.

The clueless player who tries to explain something and comes across as someone who isn’t really on the loop of the subject in question.

Sergio Ramos’ words from this past Thursday left all the members of the media scratching their heads and a lot of fans really angry.

The Real Madrid captain came out to deny that he requested to leave the club for free when Florentino Perez said the exact opposite just hours before his press conference.

Ramos also denied this was an issue related to money, but the flat out lies invited everybody to believe the exact opposite of what he said.

This latest confrontation puts Ramos’ future in jeopardy.

Even if Sergio Ramos said that he cares about Florentino Perez like a father, the president surely got tired of one more confrontation with the player.

The latest contradiction only served as confirmation that Sergio’s future at Real Madrid is coming to a bitter end.

Even though there is an important part of Madridistas who forgave Ramos for what he did and want him to remain on the team, there is another larger part that is fed up with him.

Betrayals like this usually end up with the player getting kicked out of the institution after a short period of time, regardless of how important he is to the club.

With this latest mess that Sergio created himself, he showed that he doesn’t really understand how many Madridistas think.

There is a majority of the club’s supporters who are convinced there is no player who is more important than the institution.

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There is also a large majority of the supporters who also consider Florentino Perez the only untouchable figure inside the institution.

Ramos basically bit the hand that feeds him for the last time. The fans could make sure that he leaves the institution through the back door sooner rather than later.

The event that could kick Ramos out of Real Madrid.

Even though things have settled at the moment between the player and the president, the fans are expecting for a single event as an excuse to start asking for Ramos’ resignation.

The player kept repeating this wasn’t about money, but the fans will wait to see if he gets a contract extension in the next six months.

If this happens, Sergio’s future will be away from Real Madrid due to the fans’ demands.

There really is no way to fix this problem for the player, he attempted to toy with the supporters’ intelligence and he will get burned for it.

Florentino Perez will also be an important figure in whatever happens after this mess, he has the power to sway everything in Ramos’ favor or against him.

We still can’t believe how the defender wasn’t able to speak with Florentino Perez about the interview he offered just hours before Ramos came out to speak publicly.

Having a little more context about the situation would’ve helped things get fixed with no problems.

All Sergio needed to do was apologize for the drama he created, all he did was make everything much worse with his lies.

How much longer will the Real Madrid supporters stand Sergio Ramos? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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