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Opinion: Sir Alex Ferguson predicted Mino Raiola’s antics

Mino Raiola, Sir Alex Ferguson
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We have to talk about Sir Alex Ferguson’s prediction of Mino Raiola’s infamy, he saw it coming many years ago from miles away. 

Mino Raiola has been one of the most infamous figures in European football during recent years, but Sir Alex Ferguson predicted his infamy.

We need to understand that Raiola doesn’t think in the same way that talented people do.

Agents tend to act as parasites of any industry they work, this happens in football as much as it happens in Hollywood or other sports.

These people only care about making as much money. They have no regard for the institutions that their clients represent and they almost always get tossed aside by the talent.

There are few footballers or athletes who tolerate their agents, they rarely hang out together because they do business.

But there are some exceptions like Raiola, where the agent gets involved in their clients’ lives.

This is exactly what Sir Alex Ferguson saw coming from miles away when he met with Mino.

There is a very famous video of the Scottish manager calling the agent a shit bag, which went viral on social media.

Before 2013, Mino Raiola didn’t have anything to do with a club like Manchester United.

But Ferguson retired and the agent saw his opportunity to strike back. 

Raiola holds a grudge with Sir Alex. 

The animosity that Mino Riola has against Sir Alex Ferguson goes back to the time in which Paul Pogba was still an academy player.

The agent started “fishing” at the club and he landed the young Frenchman.

Ferguson didn’t like this one bit, he felt Raiola was steeling the club’s talent.

But Mino attracts players who can be considered flamboyant like Pogba is.

Other examples of these players are Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Mario Balotelli, both of them are represented by Raiola.

Sir Alex probably saw Paul’s characteristics from the beginning of his career, but he didn’t care because of his immense talent.

The time came to negotiate a new contract and Mino already wanted Paul to get a star-treatment.

This didn’t fall in line with Manchester United’s philosophy and Pogba left to play for Juventus.

Sir Alex Ferguson never forgave what the agent pulled on the club, and he refused to do business from that moment forward.

After all this drama, it’s clear that Raiola is on a revenge path against the Red Devils.

This is something that the club’s board should’ve seen coming now that Ferguson isn’t there anymore.

Mino felt humiliated by the Scotsman, and he wasn’t brave enough to act on it when Fergie was still active. 

Solskjaer also dislikes Mino Raiola.

After Riola’s latest comments against Manchester United, we still waited for a response from the club.

Nobody said anything until today. When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was questioned about them, his response was educated but clear. 

“I don’t think agents should speak about clubs like this,” said Ole via Sky Sports.

“I can speak to Paul about it. I don’t think I should talk to – or about – agents that talk about us.

“But Paul is our player and agents are hired by players – not the opposite way around. It is not agents’ players, it is our players.”

“What me and Paul are talking about, I don’t have to talk to you about. That will be between us.”

“Paul’s very committed to coming back, playing well for us and it is hard when you are injured to go and talk about all sorts.

“I think his talking needs to be when he comes back on the pitch.”

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