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Opinion: Solskjaer needs patience from Manchester United

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As we enter into one of the most complicated moments for Solskjaer, we believe Manchester United needs to be patient with him.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is currently going through one of the most challenging moments of his career at Manchester United.

The Norwegian boss was the one who decided to take the bull by the balls when he agreed to replace Jose Mourinho, he knew what he was getting himself into.

Regardless of the climate that is currently happening at the club, there is an odd sensation that Ole can get sacked at any time.

The Glazer family doesn’t seem to care about the club’s best interest as long as it keeps generating money, but Ed Woodward is desperate to also deliver results on the pitch.

The chairman of the club is arguably one of the least qualified people to lead one of the most successful clubs in modern football.

This is a man who lacks the vision and the patience to understand what’s really going on at Manchester United.

Solskjaer is very aware of what needs to happen in order to get the results that the club is looking for.

The problem here is that this whole process will take at least five years in order to reach that stage, and the Red Devils lack the patience that is needed for this project to succeed.

If Solskjaer doesn’t at least finish the season inside the Top 4, we can already predict that his job will be in jeopardy.

But United requires to understand that overnight results are simply impossible.

A great deal of responsibility for this sense of urgency that is happening at Manchester United is due to the fans.

This is a phenomenon that happens in every major club around the world, the supporters are very used to always looking at their clubs lifting titles.

The pressure that they apply to the squad is the main reason why so many managers get sacked, and also the reason why the long process philosophy is dead.

Long gone are the old days in which managers had more time to develop their ideas, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer put it in the best possible terms.

We aren’t living in the ’90s decade anymore, but the fans seem to think that the level of performance from that era is still possible with the squad that the club has today.

This team is filled with inexperienced young players who still need to grow into mature footballers, the only way they will do that is by letting the manager work.

All Solskjaer demands is more patience to both he and his players, there is no way that the squad will reach a level of success in the future if the fans keep pressuring them as they have until now.

The current situation that Manchester United is going through is the board and the fans’ responsibility, they are the ones who are making things worse.

The road ahead for United during 2019.

With this predicament still very much alive, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still has to deal with the most important aspect of his job.

The games ahead that he has to play are always what matters the most, they have an important visit to St. James’ Park on Sunday against Newcastle United.

But the next match right after the international break is one of the most important of the season, which is Liverpool’s visit to Old Trafford.

The Red Devils will also have to visit Stamford Bridge a day before Halloween, and they will have relatively accessible games until December.

The last month of 2019 will bring another two complicated Premier League matches, which will be four days apart from each other.

The first one will be against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford, a club that defeated them in the Premier League last season with Jose Mourinho still on board.

Four days later, Solskjaer will take his players to Etihad Stadium for the first Manchester Derby of the season in this tournament.

Hopefully by then, Ole will still be Manchester United’s manager and the board understands how important it is to maintain continuity at the club.

This patience we demand was the reason Sir Alex Ferguson could make the team as wildly successful as it was for so many years.

How long will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remain as Manchester United’s manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.