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Opinion: Some Barcelona fans won’t forgive Griezmann

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Even though he is already a Barcelona player, Antoine Griezmann will have a hard time getting forgiveness from some die-hard fans.

The images of Antoine Griezmann training alongside his teammates at FC Barcelona weren’t the best of news for every supporter.

There is an important number of fans and club associates who won’t forgive what the payer did last summer, we will take some time to refresh your memory in case you didn’t know.

The Frenchman was working on a record-breaking deal for the Catalan club, he was going to become a Barcelona player for €200 million.

There were constant meetings that his agent was having with an important part of the board, everything was working out well.

Griezmann even agreed to put all his decision-making process on tape, he recorded a reality show with a company that Gerard Pique owns.

Everything appeared to be leading towards Griezmann’s imminent exit from Atletico Madrid, or at least that’s what he made everybody believe.

The Frenchman allowed Atletico Madrid to convince him from leaving while he was already making deals with Barcelona.

By the time his public announcement was about to drop right before the World Cup, everybody believed that he would become the latest transfer for the Catalan club.

The board was left in ridicule after the announcement came, not even Gerard Pique expected this.

One of the people who still oppose Griezmann’s arrival is Josep Maria Minguella, who is part of the board and also part of the negotiations last summer.

“What Griezmann has done has shown a lack of respect to the Barcelona president, the club and the fans,” Minguella told MARCA.

“The player is the one that signs for a club and terminates their [previous] contract. Normally players don’t want to pay this [release clause] so they reach an agreement with the club, which will be what has happened in this case.”

“It seems like Atletico knew that negotiations were going on during their [Champions League] tie with Juventus.”

“The difference with [Luis] Figo and Rivaldo’s cases is that there wasn’t any competition.”

“Griezmann plays in the same position as Messi does at Barcelona and it will be difficult to play in this position,” Minguella added. ”

I will stop going to Camp Nou, but not because of Griezmann’s arrival. I really don’t agree with the way everything went down.”

This player tossed an agreement that we made with him only a few months ago, he disrespected the president by doing this.”

“Not only that, but he also disrespected the club and the fans. This is something that I cannot agree with…”

“I used to tell all the players that they need to always respect the club above everything else. But this is my personal opinion.”

Minguella is not the only one.

Apart from this important figure in Barcelona opposing the player’s arrival, there is also a very important part of the supporters who will need a lot of convincing.

What Griezmann did was quite unacceptable for many of them, even to some of the players.

We can’t forget how Messi refused to speak about Griezmann any further at the end of last season.

The captain’s face was very serious as soon as he was asked about the Frenchman, it was clear that some players in the dressing room also didn’t like what he did.

In fact, some of the opinions within the club are that a player should agree to play for Barcelona for the club’s prestige and not for money.

We all know that Antoine will have to start his first season strong at the club, otherwise he won’t be able to make everybody forget what he did during the last summer transfer window.

Griezmann does seem happy with his new teammates, at least he has that going for him.

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